Dec 13, 2013

What's a great way to give back, especially this holiday season? Support hard working entrepreneurs on kickstarter! A friend of mine, Shawn Reddy [whom I went to school with at Parsons] recently told me of his boyfriend Adrien Dacquel's campaign to get his line of t-shirts off and running. With the help from me, you, and so many others.... we have the opportunity to literally help make a person's dream come true!  *oh,'s a tax right off as well. Woot Woot! :-[)

Here is one of Adrien's designs that is my favorite, 
this guy is a fantastic illustrator....hello! don't you want this tee or tote??!! 

jPlease help in supporting Adrien, if you're financially not able to make even the smallest donation, sharing his video will help just as well!Good luck Adrien, I hope you reach your goal. :)  - Best, Roxy Marj

view Adrien's Kickstarter page HERE

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