Dec 23, 2011

I love the holidays - specifically Christmas. Not because of the gifts I receive but the gifts I get to give. I am actually a walking contradiction though when it comes to gifts, because as much as I love giving is the getting that I have a hard time with. Receiving gifts brings out anxiety in me...and I have all these thoughts going through my head, such as: Will I get a "How to Paint Like Bob Ross" book again [that gift from my mother was not as a joke... :/] or something on the same lines, how do I react to such a gift that makes my response believable? What if they made this gift, and it's not my style but I have to keep it in my home? :/ All these stresses come out...but about a month ago I decided this: SO WHAT! So what if it isn't something that I wouldn't buy myself, or that you may not want to decorate with or bake with. Overall, I realized that the art of receiving a gift is to gracefully say "Thank you so much" AND love that person for having even having you in mind...well ME for my situations.  If you want to go further with adding..."I love it so much or how did you know?" That is totally fine. but really, a simple and genuine THANK YOU SO MUCH is all one needs to do...

So, with that said. Two weeks ago we had our little art dept. Christmas Party. We went to the Spaghetti Factory in Trolley Square for lunch [I LOVE the decor in that place, especially the ceiling and light fixtures] and we all exchanged gifts. Our theme was to give everyone something that you love that was within a 5$ budget.  Here is what I received from my coworkers. I loved every gift. :) My coworker Sarah was the one who made the animals w/ plants. See her blog HERE.

This is what I gave my co-workers :)

some hand painted mugs and a new zine of mine with some of my new characters.

Sarah was also super sweet in giving me another gift just the other day. A scarf she found for me at the thrift store. This girl has record scores of finding such pretty things. I love the scarf, but my true favorite was  how everything was put together. The visible thought that was there that said to me: I love using my hands, and find pleasure in the tiny delicates.  :-[) The tiny delicates are some of the cutest things in the world! 

And then yesterday I received a Merry Christmas package from my dear friend Vivi!

She seriously is a master at the tiny delicates and has this special Swiss finger touch that is consistent with everything she makes. I love all things Vivi! :) 

With all those gifts mentioned...I don't want it to seem like a brag fest of : "Oh look what IIII got" type of deal. No, it's not that at all. I was actually meaning to have this post up last week but was so busy with work. I wanted to do this post because of all the consistent Christmas Present posts we have all seen in the blogosphere of what to get your loved ones. With me and Jesse's budget being very limited, 90% of the items people are talking about are just not affordable right now for family and friends. That's why homemade gifts are always nice...or thrifted ones! All the gifts above are affordable  and very low maintenance to make. i.e. Vivi's favorite recipes that she wrote down for me! I LOVE this...or even buying a nice sheet of paper and writing one's favorite poem or song on there and then getting a 50 cent frame at the thrift store to go in it... these  gifts are sure to make your loved ones smile and melt. :) 


Lastly, another new character "Billar" has entered our little home. I can't wait for the day when we finally move into a house because it is getting cramped with me, Jesse, and all 200+ Roxy Marj characters...Plus they are always sooooo hungry! Jesse and I are probably going to have to get second jobs here soon to maintain feeding them... if you have any inexspensive, yet healthy ideas on how to feed my little friends...PLEASE DO SHARE! :-[)

Billar : Oh my gosh, this little guy is too sweet for words... he is extremely observant, and finds happiness in the tiniest of things... I love him so much. :)

whoopsies :  Okay a double lastly.

As mentioned a month ago, I was supposed to have a little pop-up shop last weekend. It did not happen. So, to those of you who had mentioned you wanted to come [thank you by the way] rest assured...nothing went down, and that it got bumped to February, right before Valentines day. This happened because of my work load, holiday parties, my intern Tilly dealing with finals etc. It was too crazy and not worth us pulling all nighters for and getting stressed.... I apologize in the lateness of this message.  

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, and enjoy all the tiny delicates that Christmas & New Years has to offer! Love to you all.... Roxy Marj :-[)


Vivi said...

Roxy, I'm happy I made you happy! You're a great person to give presents to. I'm glad it got to you on time, I was a little nervous it would arrive too late.
I'm the same with receiving presents, always much more excited about giving (I cannot wait to give my Xmas presents anymore ;-))
The gifts to your workmates look so sweet and so personal.
Ok, this is becoming a long comment, will send you an email ;-)

PS: welcome Billar!!

Mary Jo at TrustYourStyle said...

Just love your way with Christmas and Billar is fabulous! Hope you put her on lots of things to sell {like a mug} so I can buy one. Wishing you the merriest of Christmases!

xo Mary Jo

dqb said...

Roxy! I wish you merry christmas and happy new year.

ROXY MARJ said...

vivi.... you and i are too alike my friend! :) I am sending you an email here shortly.

mary jo - thank you. I will put some billar mugs up in my shop soon and let you know. :)

Thank you dominique! Merry Christmas to you too!!

Sarah Larsen said...

I am late in seeing this post! I'm so glad you liked the scarf! Your gifts were so lovely, and I especially love the little zine! (thanks for teaching my the definition :)) East and I read it often. He calls it "Roxy's book"

Sarah Larsen said...

PS you're already famous to him!

ROXY MARJ said...

I lovvvve the scarf. I am THRILLED that Easton call's it the Roxy book...he is my new best friend! :-[)

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