Dec 28, 2011

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas... and got some relaxing in.  I read a lot of books [children's books. please, I am not a fast reader] over the weekend at my mom & stepdad's, and came across a new favorite : "Leif The Lucky" from one of my very favorite children's book illustrators Ingri & Edgar Parin d'Aulaire.

The illustrations are so imaginative and you will stay on each page forever studying all the detail. The Parin d'Aulaire's are a huge inspiration of mine when drawing my own little children's books...especially because each illustration was a lithograph.

You can find a copy HERE
I just ordered mine, and can't wait to share more images with you on my children's book blog.

Other than reading over the weekend, and spending time with family...we had a very nice holiday. 


Here is our Christmas card that we sent out... Jesse did some painting on top of it in photoshop. 
It first started out with me asking Jesse to take some photos of me with my faux crows...and then afterwards when he was playing around my photos...I thought that we should make a card out of it...and include him. I love his expression.  This card is a pretty good description of our relationship. :-[) hehehe lol

The mini photo-shoot was inspired by this image below.
 I apologize for not having a link to it, I can't recall where I found it.... 


Lastly, I just came across this cute shop: Wolf Art & Glass.... these necklaces are so fun.


Sarah Larsen said...

Roxy, your card is my favorite. So creative, and so you two! I've shown it to everyone who has come over! It looks like that inspiration image is Dakota and Elle Fanning no?

ROXY MARJ said...

Sarah, you are so sweet. :) I hope your friends don't think Jesse is mean to me from that pic. Hehehehe lol ...but yeah, come to think of it. That definitely looks like the Fanning sisters...I may have gotten it off pinterest? :/

Andrea Jolene said...

Love love LOVE your Christmas cards. Your genuine creativity astounds me. Truly. You are so talented! I'm in aw of your abilities.

Melissa said...

Here's the original source of the photo of Dakota & her sister, Elle:

Great Christmas card!! So cute.

ROXY MARJ said...

Andrea! I feel like you and I always have this battle [ a good one] of being in awe of one another! :) I wish I could write like YOU! And actually know when to use a comma, colon, exclamation point etc. in the proper way...I just throw them in there...cross my fingers, and hope people can figure out on their own what I am trying to say... YOU, you have the natural flow my friend! :) xo

Thanks for the source/compliment Melissa! Excited to read the story when I get home today. :)) <3

Anonymous said...

WHERE IS MY CARD??????? haha, I want one!!!!! Per your resolution to send more packages!!!
Robert F

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