Dec 31, 2011


Do you make a list every year, whether it is physical or mental? I know I am not alone in this. {that comment was meant to make you laugh by the way} I have overheard and within-heard of people and friends talking about they lists they want to make this year or the opposite and not wanting to make a list at all because they just fail in the end. : / I would be lying if I said it didn't make me sad when I heard the latter.  Lists are good [in my opinion] and fun to keep. I have kept many of my "to-do/change/want/need" lists from years past, and they really crack me up.... Plus, they are hard copies of what I held as priorities. So they become a blueprint as to what my mind was focusing on at the time. Some of the things I am not totally proud of [not like, bad horrible things that would send me to jail but just those tangible wants] but others I find really precious. I hope to make more precious lists as the years go by and as I grow older and learn more and more about what is most important in life.  My list above is simple [on purpose] and there is a formula within that I will share with you. It goes like this: If I {roxy} wants lots of things all the time, then two things come to mind. 1. Am filling some kind of inner void by wanting this? Is it a personal gratification thing or an outsider gratification. Meaning, do I want it just so others can see it and compliment it? and 2. When wanting things all the time, this means I have to set aside time to either search for it online or go to a store. Let's be honest here, most shopping is never in and out in a see other things, NEW things that you want, and then you get sidetracked....yep, still talking about me, but you in general. So this wanting and shopping takes time. It takes time away from me creating and making. It takes time away from Jesse, friends, and family. This is my formula for keeping me from wanting less and shopping matter the income. We all have people we look up to...some of my "hero's" are those that live very minimal lifestyles but at the same time maintain the cozy within. One of my favorite sources of "cozy/minimal" inspiration comes from Nordic Flavor. I live vicariously through these home owner's spaces. Here are some of my favorite images that exudes the kind of feeling and lifestyle that both Jesse and I really love and strive for within our home. I can't wait till we move into a house someday just so I can see what our place will really look like with our items spread out and actually put away. Due to our lack of closet space, many of our "put away" items line our apt. walls, for instance our shop vac and my four poster twin bed frame are just hanging out in our could make some people's skin crawl....but it's actually pretty funny. :)  


Thank you to those who read my blog whether you are anonymous or not. I do feel a little shy and awkward about saying thank you...because it feels almost self-centered. But I have made some really special friends through blogging since 2005...and look forward to making some more. xo 


Julie said...

Hi again! So happy that we met you guys last night-I just keep marveling at the slim chances of that happening, right?
Loved reading your post, I feel the same about our little apartment. I have started seeing empty wall space as storage now and have gotten a little hammer happy hanging everything up. eesh.
Would love to meet up with you guys again-maybe on purpose this time.
Happy new year!

ROXY MARJ said...

Hello Julie! So happy to have met you and Matt as well! I couldn't agree more...I was telling Jess just that on our drive home, how weird it was to meet the day after I showed him your guys' video.

Hammer happy <- love it. :) yes, let's definitely meet up - for dinner? You two can come over here, or do you have a favorite restaurant?

Happy New Year Julie!

Vivi said...

I also have lists, lists are my life, I need them.
Your list really sums up the most essential things. I agree on trying to want less, I've been thinking about that a lot. I think it really is a process, you cannot just stop yourself from wanting things, but it comes slowly, as you get to know yourself. And you learn to appreciate things for what they are without feeling the need to buy them yourself. The Nordic Flavour blog is a real source of inspiration, such beautiful pictures that shout quality and amazing materials.
should stop now or this comment is gonna grow into an essay!
Happy New Year! Super happy I got to meet you in 2011

Sarah Larsen said...

I have been making my list today too! You inspire me Roxy. I love the things you've said about resolustions to spend less and want less. I keep thinking "it's not having what you want, it's wanting what you have." Your darling place made me feel like I could do a lot with a little. I love that. Oh and your little comment about Jesse...are you trying to make me cry again? You two <3 The truth is, I'd like to be more like Trav in 2012 too. :)

ROXY MARJ said...

Vivi, I want to read your lists! :) lol I bet they are well thought out. Sooo fun talking to you yesterday! :) xo

Sarah! You inspire me!! :-[) I love your quote about wanting what you have! I never thought about it that way...and soo true! My comments about Jesse are never to make anyone cry... but to only make you smile. sorry that was cheesy to say but how I feel. -> smile! :) <3

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