Jan 1, 2012

It's 2012! Make something EVERY DAY this year! 
Do you ever watch Handmade Portraits from Etsy? 
Here are a couple favorites to kick off the new year. 

I love this one of Jevgenia the mask maker, but I have to disagree with her comment about animals expressions versus people's expressions. She says "animals are just animals, you make a bear or a fox but they don't have any emotions, but faces of people are interesting to make. You can make a mask smile or you can make an evil or kindhearted mask." I think a mask of anything would be interesting....but what's funny is at the end of this video, her animal masks have sooo much character as opposed to her human masks. Her animals are far more interesting which makes it so odd that she would make such a comment.... what do you think?

Handmade Portraits: Jevgenia's Masks from Etsy on Vimeo.


The History of Glitter! I love this one because I am such a lover of all things sparkly and shimmery. I warn Jesse that when we have kids, he will need to be the sparkle police. Because when the babies come, and grow big and strong...it's all about the sparkle folks! We'll glitter the bedposts, curtains, buckles and collars. We'll sparkle and shimmer the fun out of the house...it will be a war-zone of shine!

All That Glitters: The History of Shiny Things from Etsy on Vimeo.

I love this sequin wall found via MaieDai via THE GLITTER GUIDE!!! I love that there is a guide for glitter! But in all seriousness....this is numero uno when decorating our child's room! Imagine all the fun he or she would have with just this wall! I can hear it now: "MOM, let's do a photoshoot again with the shiny wall!!"  Okay...okay, it would actually be me saying that to our little person...hehehehe lol :-[) 


so inspiring & I love how their imaginations work together.
Definitely pieces worth collecting.

Handmade Portraits: Pearson-Maron from Etsy on Vimeo.

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