Oct 27, 2011

It's official! I LOOOOOOOOVE my job! 
Well, I knew I would love it based off of my interview, but I love love LOVE it.  Yesterday, Scott, one of the other graphic designers/illustrators taught me how to use the plotter and do a test of one my designs I made. Voila, a gold bearded man in vinyl that you can stick on pretty much anything! Family and friends, you now know what you'll be getting for Christmas: Roxy's lil characters in vinyl. :-[) hehehehe lol


Have you seen this video!?? :-[) Jesse showed me all four "mini" episodes of it and we couldn't stop laughing!


Lastly, my sweet and super creative friend Lindsay from Run Lucas Run asked me to make some forest themed cake toppers for her little boy Charlie. It was is first birthday. These are some of the photos she took. Isn't her little guy adorable! That jacket! <3 :::: Lindsay, your photos of the party are perfect. :)

A couple years back when her son Lucas was turning 3 [?] she had me do some toppers for him as well: Native American themed. :)


Vivi said...

Gold beared man looks AMAZING! (and so friendly!!)
I'm so happy to see you love your job, yeah, life rules!

Anonymous said...

HOORAY and CONGRATS on the new job. This is such great news! Can't wait to hear more details. Ok, maybe we have our skype date this weekend? It's going to be hard to fit it in now that you are working! Ugh!

ROXY MARJ said...

Thanks Vivi! I have one set aside for you!! :) xo

Kamilah. Tomorrow, skype? :) xoxoxox

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