Oct 19, 2011

This weekend, Jesse and I got together with his family to do their annual tradition of pumpkin painting. I was channeling Nightmare Before Christmas... everyone's pumpkins turned out great! 


Then last night, my mom took me, my lil sister Mari and our cousin Jessica [who was visiting SLC from Oregon for work] out to dinner. We ate the top of the Joseph Smith building in the Garden restaurant [?] Their food is nothing to rave about...but it is fun to be up there to see the view of the Salt Lake City Temple [pictured behind us] and then last night around 2 am in the morning I came down with a mini case of food poisoning that didn't go away till just a couple hours ago. :/  But if asked to do it all over again...I would. It was a lot of fun seeing Jessica and being around her bubbly personality! We hadn't seen her in about 20 years...so it was a fun little reunion! :)

[me, Jessica, my sister Mari, and my mom]


So yesterday when my mom came over before going to meet up with Jessica and Mari, she pulled out a book that she found for me which she said reminded her a lot of me and my paintings and love for prints.  I had never heard of this illustrator but I am in looove with this book's illustrations! You can easily find it HERE ON AMAZON starting at just $2.38! 

Don't you just love her cloak!? I am going to make my own little version of this once I get a couple projects out of the way....


Here is another book that I want to share with you all. I recently found this book at one of my favorite thrift stores.  It is always so exciting when you come upon an amazing score. This, book and a few others are definitely my scores for the month! You can also find it over at Amazon just starting at $3.59! 

What I love so much about this book Ilenka, is the color palette and the limited use of color. I am attracted to vintage children's book's for this reason. 

Isn't this page so cute. The animal head masks have me wanting to make my own!


Lastly, with the little amount of energy I had today...I made these two little hanging items from my painted paper.  I love making things like this because it just proves that one does not need a lot of money to be creative. A lot of my friends [AND JESSE] often here me say that if I ever have to go to Jail [I actually had a freak out 2 winters ago thinking Sallie Mae was literally going to take me to jail] then all I need is a lot of paper, my muji pens, and hopefully some paint if they allow. I would really be content. :-p

* This craft seems pretty straight forward [to me] on how to make...but I will have an upcoming tutorial in a day or two on how to make your own version of these. :)

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Jessica said...

Roxy, it was so wonderful seeing you, your mom, and Mari! About time right? :) I am sorry you had food poisoning. :( Congrats on your new job! Its sounds exciting! Best of luck to you and I hope you enjoy it!

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