Oct 29, 2011

"One can never have too many house slippers" - ME! <- ya, feel free to quote me on that.

Our home is a no shoe household...but it didn't dawn on me till the other day
 that I need to be collecting slippers for our guests...
.here are a couple items that I fancy found via Baltic Frog.

for the ladies:

for the gentlemen: 

I wish this guy was wearing jeans with these slipps : / not really diggin the bare leg look....

and then for our friends with children, webbed feet slippers & an owl cap! :)

or...if our friends happened to come over with their naked behbeh's,
 then I would just put them in these awesome knitted get-ups! 

I am so excited to show you all my costume when it is finished!
 This is one of my favorite costumes I have made thus far...
here's some sneak peak pics. 
I just scored those leather boots at the thrift store earlier today for only $6. 


Vivi said...

HAHAH! I agree on the bare leg look, that looks awful, but the slippers are so nice, it's a good idea to have them for guests, I should make a couple of pairs for my guest as we also have a no shoes policy at home. Beautiful inspiration!

ROXY MARJ said...

Vivi! You know how to make slippers!? Ah... that is something I would like to learn! Wish we were neighbors so we could hang out and knit together whenever... :)

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