Jun 9, 2011

WHAT THE CUSS!!!!! Grrrrr... I am so mad at myself right now AND illustrator that I could just pop my pinky off! The worst design habit I have is ALWAYS forgetting to continuously save my work on photoshop & illustrator. WHAT THE CUSS???? WHY WHY WHY??? Why do I do this??  I just finished working on a print that took me 2 hours to create and right when I was going to save it at the end...illustrator shuts down on me...  cuss cuss cuss!!!

Speaking of cussing? Have you ever noticed all the cuss words in Fantastic Mr. Fox? It is the funniest thing ever...and watching this video montage of all their cuss words actually made me feel a little bit better. :)

And then listening to Stornoway's "I saw you blink" sealed the deal. 

Have a good day >>> save your work! <


Vivi said...

NOOO I hate when that happens!Are you sure it didnt save automatically and is somewhere on your computer?

ROXY MARJ said...

:( yeah...I checked everywhere...it's all good though. :)

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