Jun 8, 2011

I was reminded of a funny story the other day while organizing my little office space. I was going through my zine collection and throwing away the ones that are uninspiring in writing,graphics,illustration OR just straight up NASTAY! side note: I had accidentally bought a couple crazy zines way back when... so crazy, that they deserved the "RD" rating.... Oh, you have not heard of the "RD" rating? I actually just made it up today - it stands for : raunchy disgusting! Yep, one zine had a chapter entirely dedicated to this writer's period & what she did with it!!!! That's all i'll say about that.... anyways back to my funny story. Back in my Sophomore year of college, I had one of my best friend's over for Thanksgiving dinner. I was showing her the zine I was currently working on and planning on submitting to Fred Flare. Hye Jung [my best friend] looked through it....set it down...and said this: "umm Roxy [you know when she starts out with an ummm Roxy, that something VERY FUNNY is going to come out of her mouth]... ummm Roxy...yeah.... I don't get it...anddddd...and I don't know why people would buy this." I remember laughing soooo hard and loving her candor SOO SOO much! My zine was just a collection of many of my drawings from 1999 to 2004 - no writing, just drawings/doodles.  Hye Jung then asked if people here in the states actually by this stuff... I was still laughing.  I said "yes of course they do Hye Jung! I BUY THEM! :-[) hehehehe lol well long story short, she is still my best friend, she is still so purely honest with me, and I still buy zines. :) If you have any for sale, or know of a great place to buy really nice illustrative zines...please do leave a note saying so...if you don't mind.

my little collection:

Here are some of the places you can find the above zines/graphic novels:


& two other collections from Three Potato Four found via poppytalk, that I think are quite neat. 

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