Jul 1, 2011

Disclaimer: This post may tip towards cheesy. :-p

Oh happy day - happy FRIDAY! Gosh, Happy JULY!!! Today is a special day because one of my "bike" buddies: Josh Dewey.... is getting married today!  This picture is of me and my bike buddies. It was from our road trip the four of us took to Washington 2 years ago. Josh is second from the left.

I don't know if I ever mentioned on my blog of how I came to meet these guys. Well, when I moved to Salt Lake City June 2009, I moved here not really knowing anyone. I knew my sister, and a couple other people back from when I lived in Utah when I was 17 & 18....but really, I was starting all over again.

 My younger sister let me move into her apt. which was near Liberty Park. I brought my bike with me from New York and that is how I got around everywhere, on top of walking and riding trax [our above ground rail system] I had been going to my singles ward [a Morman church term] and hadn't really clicked with anyone yet, which meant I was still hanging out by myself. This went on for 2 months. Overall it was fine, I actually have a lot of fun hanging out with ME lol...but I was starting to get lonely.

One Friday evening at the end of July, I went on a bike ride around downtown and then up by the University of Utah. I remember flying down 9th south and then all of a sudden balling my eyes out, this then caused blurry vision. So I stopped, got off my bike, and then cried for a good 1/2 hour on the curb. Ironically [timing is the best] my best friend Ken called me to see how I was doing out here. I balled a bunch of undetectable sentences to him. "Ken, I don't have any friends" was the premise of our conversation. "Just be patient Rox, you'll make some friends soon. Don't you remember your Sophomore year? This was the same conversation we had when you started your second semester. And then guess what happened, 2 weeks later you because friends with Sarah [Hermez] and Robert. They are some of your best friends now. You will meet people you click with, just be patient". So fast forward to Sunday, that evening we had a Singles Ward gathering at one of the member's houses. I rode my bike there and  when it was over as I was getting ready to leave, the first counselor in my Bishopric of that ward stopped me and said for me to let he and his wife take me home in their car since it was dark and late out. I laughed and said to Dave [my counselor] "No way, I gotta go on my usual Sunday night bike ride!" Well, because they felt somewhat like my parents I guess, they asked about my route which I mentioned to them, and then I took off.  It had been about 10 min into my bike ride going east on South Temple [the most beautiful street to ride your bike on in Salt Lake] and all of a sudden I hear some huffing and puffing and what sounds like really crazy vibrating tires? I look a little behind me and I see this guy trying to catch up to me. He finally catches up and slows his pace, he says "Nice night for a bike ride, huh?!" I totally laughed and responded "yeah, not to bad" thinking the whole time "what the crap? ;-[) bahahah lol" Then, his friend came cruising along and said what's up as well. For about a min or two... [it was short] we were chatting about dumb things..and then all of a sudden these two guys said "Well, this is our street, take it easy " not in unison of course but you know what I mean. So then I said "yeah, take it easy" BUT THEN...

Out of nowhere this comes to me: "ROXY, don't be retarded... see if these guys want to be friends with you, they are super funny...WHAT ARE YOU DOING???!!!" So as they were riding away and crossing over South Temple towards O street, I yell out to them "HEY!.......ughhhh WANNA BE MY BIKE BUDDIES?" They turned around and came back laughing hysterically and asked "What?" :-[) and then we pulled over, got off our bikes and I proceeded to tell them how I don't have any friends and  asked if they ever wanna ride bikes together sometime. Ten minutes later, Dave & Juidiith Clawson come driving up. They pull over, roll their windows down and say "Hey Roxy....how's it going?" They have thee hugest grins on their faces. I said it was going well and then told them I just met these guys. I couldn't remember their names they had just told me..which turned the situation into something pretty awkward. But it all worked out. ;-}

That summer of 2009 was one of my funnest. We rode bikes all over Salt Lake, and Josh and Trevor [the blonde one in the photo] introduced me to many of their friends. Timing is such a funny thing and always knows the right time to enter my life. It has been 2 years since I met these guys and they are some of my closest friends out here.  I know our path's crossing was not an accident. I think my favorite thing about these guys but specifically Josh is how high their standards all are.  I was sooo used to being around guys in New York whose morals [if any] were super low and didn't care at all about what they watched, listened too, how they treated girls etc.  I am always impressed when I hang out with the Dewey brothers and Trevor. They helped raise my "standard" bar and I really believe that that then helped with me becoming a person that Jesse would be more attracted to both mentally & spiritually.  Today josh is marrying Emilie [I wish I had a pic of her, she is DARLING!] and I cannot be happier for the both of them! They are so exceptional and are such a fun couple to be around. The best thing [aside from family members] is when your friends marry someone you really like, someone that you will also want to hang out with. This makes lifea lot easier and way more fun!

Congratulations Josh and Emilie! Jesse and I are excited for you guys to enter the world of "Team FUN!" lol

Here is a video that another bike buddy of ours: Riley, did of Josh. it captures his personality perfectly.

Josh Dewey Five Favourite Things from Riley Pack on Vimeo.


lovely lindsay said...

this post made me all weepy. hmmm. i think it's because i remember you taking the leap from NYC to SLC + so hoping that the move would be good to you. i want to shout to that girl on her bike: ROXY! just hold on!
and there you are. still in SLC - tucked in with your Jesse. love this story.
love, lindsay

ROXY MARJ said...

Oh lindsay, you are are sooo kind! :) After reading your comment just now and going back to re-read this entry I cringed at all my spelling/grammatical errors... I kindly thank you for over looking those. :) xo

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