Jun 3, 2011

There are a handful of creative things that I wish I knew how to do...but realistically I know some of these skills will never be accomplished. Lace making is one of them. The intricacy of each piece is always amazing. My Great Aunt Annie never made lace [well, not that I was aware of ] but she was excellent at crocheting, and a couple pieces I have of hers are so tiny and detailed. I wish I had as much patience as she did.

Beligan & Alecon  Laces


Do you ever peruse New York Public Library's Digital Gallery? This is something I do often. And an activity I religiously did almost every day while at Parsons. Each semester we would receive $90 of printing credit, which was great considering we had exceptional printers. I used up that credit in less than a month...with most of my money going towards printing images from the NYPL Digital Gallery & Corbis. With all my print outs I would then fill my books of all things inspiring. Aside from lace, Egyptian patterns [and their gold jewelry] is something I find very inspiring right now. 

One can find soooo many inspiring images in the NYPL's digital gallery that you will be on there "browsing" and then notice that 2 hours have just passed.  It is that addicting.

I am still in love with the Burrow [Donkey] and have found these images via, what else... NYPL digital gallery of the sweetest Burrows to print out and pin to my mood board.  Yes...I want to create a *Donkey Mood* said in my ::: romantic swept away voice ::: 

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