Jun 6, 2011

This summer, I have made a goal to customize my bike. Painting the body, getting leather grips, "gold" rims, leather seat, and decorating my basket. Here are some simple instructions [hopefully] on how to make a quick and easy liner for your basket. Should take less than 4 hours to make...or less than 2 1/2 if you already have the fabric you want. 

Below is my bike with some pretty pink plastic flowers attached on the outside....I decided to swap those out
with some daisies, so to better match my basket liner. 

This project requires wide masking tape. from the center to the sides, cover the inside of the basket with tape. Do this in 3 parts. 1. the back 2. the front 3. the bottom.  Mark seams w/ a sharpie like in picture. MAKE SURE that once you have taped length-wise that you then put a couple horizontal pieces over the long strips just so it makes it easier when peeling off from basket.  Once all three pieces are marked, spread onto paper.
To save time, tape & paper... make a fold on the tape patterns, and then REMEMBER to put them on the fold of fabric when ready to cut.


For some more inspiration, check out this awesome bike all decked out in flowers!!! Found via Cycle Chic

AND.... with summer getting oh so close... here is a little fashion flash for you.

I'm gonna have to make a couple of these pieces...and show you how you can too! 


Vivi said...

Oh, I wish I had a bike now...
Thanks for sharing all that! Timing is perfect as I just got back to sewing (done some intense work for the past few days!)

ROXY MARJ said...

Ah! I wish you did too Vivi! If I had a lot of money I would totally buy one and ship it to you... How did your finals go? :)xo

Vivi said...

well, when you're rich and famous you know what to do: get Vivi a bike :-) haha I'm just not so confident to ride in the city (I've got one in Switzerland that I'm gonna ride all July though)
I'm getting my assessment results today, I'm not too nervous for once, will let you know how it goes!! xxx

Stephanie said...

your bike is presh and you make painting a sewing look easy. love it.

ROXY MARJ said...

Thanks Stephanie! Please believe...painting the liner and sewing it really is an easy project... it isn't something you are going to wear...so it doesn't take a professional to make a fabulous liner! :)

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