May 17, 2011

Having a mood board is a must must must! Well at least for me... and it should be for you too if you don't already have one! :) This was one of the conversations my husband Jesse and I had last night.  He is such an amazing artist...and in our apt. we have created our own mini studios that are back to back. My space is covered with things that inspire me and my own work as well....Jesse's is pretty much blank.  He is finally going to get on the band wagon and make himself a mood board! I am sooooo excited to see what really inspires him!!!  These are some of the funnest and easiest art projects to do. And they should always be reoccurring.  :[) plus, they are THEE perfect rainy day activity.

Roxy Marj mood board #1 [shadow box]

Roxy Marj mood board #2 [bulletin board covered in linen]

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