May 16, 2011

Ahhh Monday --- Did you have a great weekend? I was hoping last friday that my weekend would feel long, and it actually did! I finally got started on our living room curtains. Oh to be a stay at home mom or to work from home is a huge dream of mine as I am sure it is for many of you as well..... I do so many projects with decorating/ designing/ clothes etc. that I want to share with everyone but just the amount of time it takes to document everything is a job in itself. :/  Someday! :)

So.... our save money I bought one linen "off-price" window panel at DownEast [they sell curtains individually at their home stores] and I cut it in half. Then I made some 7" diamonds to fill the extra space below,  I also wanted to mimic our curtains in the dinning room and have that "cut-out" look.  I have only finished one window panel so far, hence my photo of just the one window....and how they look from the outside is just as pretty as inside! :)

This is a really EASY project to do...but just a little time consuming.

If I had more of the same or similar type of curtain fabric to spare, I would have added a 6" panel at the bottom, but since I don't..instead I used these cute teeny tiny hand crocheted beads from the 30's that I have had for some time now & stitched those at the bottom.


Yes, my friends! Another free item to score! 

Hand painted crow on ceramic plate - dishwasher safe and comes w/ plate holder & hook. 
I just painted this little guy over the weekend and thought this would be another fun item to giveaway.
If you want to be in the drawing for him, just leave me a link of your favorite blog [or your own] that you love to read! :)  Good luck - You have till Sunday May 22. 


Caitlin Sherwood said...

Hey Roxy, I would love a chance to win your crow dish. Also you should know I read your blog! I've been following it for about a year now.

Caitlin Sherwood said...

Oh yeah, blog.

A favorite:

jackie may said...

halloo roxy! love your blog and all the projects you've been doing lately, verrrry inspirational. one of my favorite blogs is probably the magic bus. i think you might like it? just lots of pictures of beach love. also another one and maybe i found this one on your blog? but i'm not sure. wool wood and whiskey definitely a goodie. sheesh sorry for such a long comment.

libbie said...

love the curtains! you are so talented!

denise said...

another giveaway! you are spoiling us! i love the curtains you made - fingers crossed you get to work from home soon! (i know my business didn't pick up until i took that jump! i'm just saying!)

i'm really loving this blog lately :

Alison Baitz said...

Gah! Giveaway! I love love love your work and blog so much!

My blog (I love posting your adorable illustrations -- but check it, I always make sure there's a click-through link to get back to your blog/credit -- hope that's cool with you!):

Favorites: yours,
Man Repeller:

Josh said...

GIMME GIMME GIMME. What up? I got this one in the bag. Here is a link to my secret Swedish Musik Blog. Im going to send you a link to my favorite song on the blog and then a link to the blog itself.

favorite song:


Mary Jo from TrustYourStyle said...

I can't believe you made these! They would be insanely expensive at Anthropologie and I'm equally impressed that you say they're easy--I know I would never have the patience-ha! That crow's plate is the greatest thing ever. Did you make it? I love it!

xo Mary Jo

Naomi said...

This plate is amazing!! I love checking out all of your super creative artwork.

One of my favorite blogs is DesignSponge


P.S. congrats newlywed!

MandiScandal said...

I love to read because I love to know that if she can do hard things, I can do hard things too. Such an inspiring blog to read about always seeing the bright side of things.

PS If I don't win please tell me what it would take to get another plate like this. I'm in love.

Josh said...

Just from the same blog I posted earlier.

Vivi said...

I feel like I don't have the right to enter this time :-)
but I can still tell you what my favourite blog is... hard to choose. Mmmh, if you like typography, here's my friends blog


Annie said...

I really like the plate tons, and wish I knew the technique! If it were mine I would serve my guests blueberries off of it. Crows are one of my favorite animals!!!!

I would have to say that my sister's blog has my heart... it's personal and heartfelt...


kristen said...

hey roxy! would loooove the plate, so cute! One of my fav blogs is dear lizzy:

hope to see you soon, if you make it this way to lopez! :)

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