May 18, 2011

Still on my mood board / collage kick.  These three "inspiration" pages below are from a mini collection I did in the Spring of 2009 at school, and was for girls ages 5-9.   I love mixing prints which was one of the things that drew me to children's wear.  Kid's [if their parents let them] will naturally mix prints. The outfits they come up with are so incredibly cute and it is instant.  There isn't this long thought process behind it...and when I say long I mean anything beyond ten minutes. 


This next collection was geared towards teens [that was my focus senior year at Parsons] and this was one of the collections I worked on over the summer right before senior year.  Come fall, we had to present our teachers and classmates with 3 collections 80 designs per collection and then we all help each other decide which is the best one to make our thesis and actually create for the rest of the year.  I didn't choose this one....and sometimes I have regrets over it, but then I remind myself that I can work just as hard being outside of school as I would if I was still in school.  This collection was inspired by one of my favorite artist's Silver Horn.  Lastly, my favorite thing about designing collections would have to making all the was soo time consuming, but when I look back through all my croquis books [sketch books] and see all the handi work that was developed I am really proud of myself.  One of the advantages of going to a design school is that afterwords one usually has an insane body of work which then... makes it a lot easier to justify the amount of debt I acquired.


denise said...

Roxy! I love the sketchbook collection - so great to see your process and the little drawings you made! I love it! Make more!

ROXY MARJ said...

Oh thanks so much Denise! :) I hope to do more collections here soon... xo

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