Nov 1, 2010

Remember how I mentioned that I was doing a freelance project for Fred Flare back in New York?  They had asked me to design their holiday displays for their store for this upcoming season, as well as some graphic designs [digitally].  Here is a piece of what I have done so far [30 % off font] ....more of my designs coming soon.... 

oh, and check out some of the items they have over there for sale!  These boots! DROOL NATION! I actually have the same exact pair [Justin Ropers] but I don't have them with red laces! Only $70 folks!
And this Animal "Grizzly Bear" calendar!

Or this FABULOUS asymmetrical Gunnison jacket!?  Which is only $50! I confess though, I am not crazy about the zipper, so a solution: Take that off with your seam ripper and replace it with some hook n' eye closures. This would make the jacket look more sophisticated and classic!

+ heading to work now, but check back later tonight for some more digital freebies. +

1 comment:

Okay Sure said...

OMG thats so crazy, I got the Fred Flare flyer in the mail from them and you designed it. Good job, girl, hope you're doing well!!

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