Nov 1, 2010

  Thinking about getting another dog someday - one of my favorites is the Airedale Terrier. I like to think that the Airedale is to men what the Yorkie is to women. :)

This one right above is of President Warren G. Harding with his Airedale Laddie Boy >>> found via Time Magazine  

+ Looking at these photos makes me wish that "Babe" the movie was made into a tv series.  I could easily watch a show about animals living  life on the farm. It would be even funnier if it was made into a comedy...Like Seinfeld, but only with animals. 


>>> bed time, still stalling <<<


Friday night some friends and I went to an art opening at Brick & Mortar here in Salt Lake City.

Colt Bowden, a local SLC artist whom I met through my good friend Riley Pack , a dude whose blog you will definitely want to read for laughs, was one of the artists whose work is currently on display at Brick & Mortar for the next month. By the way, if you are wondering what Brick & Mortar is, it is a local skate/clothing shop ---> which stocks some pretty nice threads and accessories for men!  

Colt did a whole series of bearded men made from skateboards.  It was fantastic! And, I bought a piece which I can't wait to get and hang up in my place.

 The bearded man at the top that has the "sold" sticker underneath is the one I purchased. When I walked into the space I instantly knew that was my guy! :) 

+ Also, I think Colt took these photos? + 

Before I forget:  How I came to know Colt was super random. Last summer when I moved to SLC, I was riding my bike around like normal during the day [probably running errands or what not] and Colt's wife Abi happened to snap a picture of me on my bike which he then took and turned into one of his paper pin wheel collages.  [I am at the top right] Well then my friend Riley whom I had met not too long before that day had said he thought he saw a picture of me at his friend's apt. in one of his works of art.  Riley showed me and it was indeed me! Then Colt and I became friends etc. etc.  - thee end - 

And lastly, I just want to add how excited I am for Thanksgiving. Halloween is a fun holiday but Thanksgiving and Christmas are my favorites. As I get older I find myself loving them even more because the feeling to serve others is so strong during this season. Plus, having a holiday that is based totally around thinking about what you're thankful for is pretty awesome.  What I mentioned at the beginning of my post is just a rant, and I will get through it and hopefully things will get better.....really, my life could be a whole lot worse - and I am so thankful it isn't.  

+ Good night friends, it is almost 2 am and I think I am now ready for bed. +


Laura Lee said...

I didn't sleep well last night and I am so tired today...I even tried to go to bed early...waaaaah :)

That exhibit at Brick and Mortar looks pretty cool. I didn't realize it was right by the Hong Kong Tea House. Have you eaten there? I love going there for dim sum. We should get a little group together and go sometime soon.

LOVE those bearded men. I think you got a good one ;)

ROXY MARJ said...

Thanks Laura...

ahhhh....we should have had a sleep over last night! :)

I have NOT been to the Hong Kong Tea House. I would love to get a group together, let's do it.

nylon baby said...

Who is that handsome bearded man with the bearded art? Oh it's me my bad.

ROXY MARJ said...

ha! glad to know you're still checking up on my Pack!!! :-[)

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