Nov 1, 2010

A couple weeks ago Jesse and I went with his best friend Adam and his family down to Lake Powell [Southern Utah] This was my first time to Lake Powell, and I can see now why it's such a major destination. I really had the time of my life. Adam's family was super chill and funny [best combo's for vacationing!] and it was me and Jesse's first real vacation was fabulous. Our last day there I got soo sad and depressed about having to leave...I can't remember the last time that has happened to me on a vacation.

This was the houseboat we stayed in. Jesse, Adam and I slept on the can see our little cabana that we made from a bed sheet - it was great.

Here is picture of Jesse and I and our first fight....I think it was over whose turn it was to go collect tumble weeds for the bon fire...... Let's just say I put him in his place! ;) *kidding about the of those has yet to happen...... we're still waiting to see what it will be over. ha! lol

I love this guy! :)

Jesse is one of my favorite portrait photographers.... He captures light really... these two pics he took of me are among my very favorites.  The one on the right is of me holding WHAT I THOUGHT to be a fossil of a Cobra's tooth! I was sooooo excited and was planning on bringing it home and getting it gold plated...but then the next day I found a couple more...yeah, I don't think they are that special I guess....

Adam and his brother Mike collecting tumble weeds. Those things prick big time FYI....

+ a close up of the nasty bush is actually quite beautiful. + :)

>>> caught on the job <<<

Jesse teaching me how to wakeboard again [once upon a time I did it when I was 13 or 14...]. I got up on my first try...and looked terribly ridiculous! I could FEEL how ridiculous I made me laugh so hard. :)

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