Oct 28, 2010

Something I am in DESPERATE want of, is a good old fashioned stone fireplace!  When it comes to making a house warm and overly cozy, I think this type of fireplace takes the cake!  The house that I grew up in Washington state was nothing special, a California split built in 79'... BUT our living room had an awesome stone wall that was angled due to our vaulted ceiling. It was thee coolest stone wall and one of my favorite things about our home. Between the rocks there was black grout but then when I was 10 or so [?] my mom painted the whole wall white.  It did look nice, but I prefer natural elements like that to stay in their born condition.   Our wall looked very similar to this fantasticly painted faux stone wall that I found on Apartment Therapy .

Back to me dreaming about fireplaces....check these two lovelies out.  Found via >>> Country Living <<<

 Here is Yellowstone's Old Faithful Inn's Stunning fireplace!  If you ever get the chance to go to Yellowstone, I suggest you plan on going there in August! Why? Because they celebrate Christmas in August! Serious!!! Christmas trees and all.  My family stayed there one night in August when I was about 8.. we were passing through Yellowstone, and it just so happened to be in August.  That was a fun memory.

 Then I stumbled across this !!! Found via >>>  Great Interior Design  <<<   + oh my! + How FABULOUS is this wall & with the perfect red window!!!  Cozy envy starting RIGHT NOW!

But wait...... IT GETS BETTER!  Friends, my heart literally skipped a beat and fell of a cliff when I found THIS

 A pre-fab plastic and steel frame is covered in a wood facade that gives it the appearance of a stack of logs. OH MY AMAZING! 

Found via >>>  Republica de Angola   <<<


Craig Barlow B. said...

I want my whole house to be done with that stack-of-wood facade so no one knows I live there.

ROXY MARJ said...

ME too!!!! We could be "pile o' log" neighbors!!!! Oh my gosh, you just gave me the coolest idea! A facade neighborhood! A house that is a pile of leaves, snowfort,snowman? A boot, a pile of dirt, a rock wall etc.... craig, there could be money in this! :)

Joslyn said...

we have a bit ole 1978 stone fireplace that i think about painting white at least once a month...but you just made me want to keep it in its natural state forever. so thanks for that ;-)

Joslyn said...

oops meant to say "big ole" ;-)

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