Nov 16, 2010

I  already know what our wedding cake is going to be/look like [that is a surprise till after the wedding!] :[) But here are some cakes that are just as beautiful and interesting! 

Sugar Peaks Wedding Cake from Martha Stewart Weddings

The Caketress

I have slowly been collecting candle holders, mini vases etc. at the thrift store to make some cakestands... My color palette for my wedding is off white, white, gold & silver with touches of a slate blue [Jesse added that last one in there] and I am going for a vintage theme...trying to stay in between the 20's and 40's...I really like the look of the tarnished candlestick holders and can't decided if I should polish them or not...these are things that are keeping my up at night now! hahaha lol - retarded!



Mary Jo from TrustYourStyle said...

I love this, and together your mix looks adorable! I can't wait to see pics from your wedding, I know it will be fabulous--especially since you are so talented and creative!

xo Mary Jo

MandiScandal said...

hey! i don't care about the cake...i want to hear teh STORYYYYY! i guess that means i have to come visit teach you sooooon!

ROXY MARJ said...

Thank you Mary Jo! Gosh, I really do hope everything will come together beautifully... I have planning my "real" wedding [my first one was well...null] now for the last 4 years!!!!

Mandi! ahahaha lol you're hilarious! I will get around to it, promise...girl I have been so busy, it is crazy I am even still blogging! :(

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