Nov 12, 2010

Wednesday night when driving back from Buca Di Beppo, where we had dinner after the proposal ---- we decided to go rent a move - we chose one of my VERY FAVORITES... Everyone Says I Love You by Woody Allen, another favorite! This movie is the best movie to watch if you like comedy, musicals, and over magnified seasons in New York! But before getting to Blockbuster, I was all giddy and antsy in the car and couldn't stop smiling, and Jesse said he knew just the song to play right then!!!  MY VERY VERY VERY FAVORITE! Empire of the Sun's "Walking on a dream!" We were singing and car dancing as best we could! Gosh, that song puts anyone in the best of moods!   So I have that song for you my friends and a new favorite of mine by Kennedy called "Karate" - just listen to the lyrics, they are HILARIOUS! The best line "I drive like a gangsta when I'm coming to see you" oh yeah!!!!  Have a great weekend - more engagement stuff tomorrow!

Empire of the Sun


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