Oct 18, 2010

Oh, hi there.  
So i've been gone for awhile. 
My computer - yep, it's lame all over again.
Either my video card or hard drive is going bizurrrrk...or 
actually it is probably that my mac is now 6 years old.
now I am feeling lame. :( 
Gosh do I look forward to the days when my issues with technology
are few
& far between. 

Tonight.....my computer wants to stay on longer than 5 min!
So I am going to milk this quality time that mac wants to spend with me and attempt...
an October post. 

Here goes.....

+ feel free to click on my drawing above & print out + :)

<:::: Halloween inspiration ::::>

<> images found via corbis <>

+ have a good night my friends - HOPE to see you tomorrow. +

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