Dec 1, 2014

Today kicks of day 1 of my painting a day giveaway for the month of December! If you're new to this, go check out last year's December on here and that should bring you up to speed! ;-)

Basically in a nut shell:

I paint a picture every day, I post it on instagram, and in order to win it, you have to come to my blog to find the question/s of the day. Once you have the answer, FIRST person to answer CORRECTLY on my instagram page wins the painting! You can only win once, but I do appreciate you spreading the word and letting your friends in on this fun giveaway! Last year the questions were pretty easy, hopefully this year it will take at least 2 min to find the answer! :-[) 

Good Luck, and thanks for playing!! xoxo  Roxy Marj

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PAINTING QUESTIONS [answers found in the music video below]

1. What is in the boxes?
2. What is the brand of the blue hoodie?

I've recently came upon this band Highasakite and their song "Since Last Wednesday" has been on repeat in my head. I especially love this mysterious music video... I want to know more back ground! 

picture source:

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