May 9, 2014

With Mothers Day approaching soon, I wanted to create something special to give away to you all.

I made 4 different colored 8.5 x 11" prints for anyone in need of a Mother's Day gift.  I hope they come in handy.... they are free for the taking. Feel free to share them on your blog, instagram, facebook etc.  if you do, please give credit. :) 

My inspiration for this illustration: 

I think most every woman on this planet would agree that the book and movie Little Women is indeed hands down a classic story that is loved by all!

Louisa May Alcott is someone I would have FOR SURE wanted to be friends with in the late 1800's. I think it's safe to say that she was probably a woman many people admired... and this is usually the thought that comes to mind when Mother's Day approaches. It's about honoring your moms and all the things you admire about her. To add to that, if you are someone who wasn't raised by your mom or didn't/doesn't necessarily have the best relationship with your mom, but perhaps there was another female figure in your life growing up who made a huge impact on your life [I can name 4!] then why not honor them as well.

I really love this quote by Louisa May me, it epitomizes what I hope to be someday as a mom, someone who is strong and brave and takes life's challenges head on while still maintaining composure and safety throughout the home. Remember Marmee [Mrs. March] and how she handled all the dramatic events of that time period with such composure and grace? What an example of the kind of mother we should all strive to be like.

Happy Mother's Day soon. xo

click on image - then click on it again with the magnifying glass, then drag to desktop  :)

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