Dec 8, 2013

Well, it's officially Sunday... but i'm still counting today's painting for Saturday [yesterday]I had a busier day than had planned.  On instagram I follow Naomi [ @rynomiandtheboys ] and her absolutely darling two boys. Oliver in particular is quite hilarious in pictures, and seems like a sweet older brother to his lil brother Arlo. Their world inspires me, and today my painting was inspired by this picture of Oliver. In Naomi's words: "I love that Oliver thought it was necessary to wear his top hat to the grocery store." This kid kills me!

I have to confess...this was much harder for me then I had anticipated. I don't feel like I captured Oliver's stance, hand placement and expression the way I wanted to in character form...but, it was a good challenge for me to do, and I need to just keep working at it. I may have a couple do-overs with this one... :/ 

But to win this painting! 
 Please answer 3 of the 5 questions regardingjs the Wendy Williams interview that I posted about yesterday...

Q 1 :  What's the one place she couldn't tell what costs what? 

Q 2 :  What's the secret to her success? 

Q 3 : What is the biggest fear in America? 

Q 4 : What does she think of Miley Cyrus? lol :-p 

Q 5: Finish the word in this sentence: "To not be able to _____ has got to be crippling. 

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