Dec 8, 2013

. g l i t t e r .

today's painting involves this precious and enchanting particle. 

I've shared this Etsy video about glitter on my blog before,
 but it's so fascinating to watch that it's worth sharing multiple times. 

To win my little painting...please finish this sentence: 

Those who wear it obviously carry __________________

answer found in this short video. Good luck and as always, 
first person to give the correct answer on my instagram wins. :) 

2 comments: said...

Am I an early bird....

I'd go for - a great deal of confidence -.

Imagine your love working in a glitter factory. He'd come home all sparkly EVERY DAY.

Love your painting. And still... as soon as I find my Etsy password I'll get the bear blanket (and the tiger or is that only a December addition?).

Lots of love,

tracie jean said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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