Dec 1, 2013

It's been so long since my last post that I have almost forgotten how to do this all together. 

A lot has happened --- but more importantly, it's the month of December today...that month that hosts very favorite holiday. I have been brainstorming the last couple weeks of what I could do this holiday season  that would be extra special, and something everyone would [hopefully] look forward to every day. 

The idea to give away mini paintings came to mind, and that is what's going down each and every day this month. can you score a painting?  Every day I will give you a clue here on my blog... the first person to leave a comment on my INSTAGRAM [@roxymarj] of the painting of that day with the RIGHT ANSWER, wins the matter where you live, no need to repost pics, or sign up for anything... just leave the right answer...but be the first! ;-[)  GOOD LUCK!! xoxo

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Today's clue is "Just Breathe"  

BE THE FIRST to tell me the band who sings this song...clue: the space needle  & 
you will win this 7.5" x 5.5" bearded man gouache painting on cold pressed bristol


Kat said...
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Gwendoline Gamboa said...

Pearl Jam? Have a nice day :)

Stephanie said...

So lovely! Thanks again! I emailed you my adress this morning :)

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