Aug 5, 2013

A couple weeks ago I entered the Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search

I found out last week that I didn't make the top 50.  My heart totally sank but then at the same time.... I wasn't surprised. I still have a long way to go with character development. I am pretty much self taught... I do count the fashion illustration classes I had in school and the collections we designed weekly as contributors to my level of illustration.. but still, I struggle with showing expression, action, storytelling etc. 

BUT, you just have to keep drawing and painting right?!? Looking back to where I was 5..10 years ago...there's huge improvement. So you just focus on that and keep making work. I love all the illustrators work who did make the cut! One of my friends and whose work I really admire is Denise Holmes...she's in the top 50 and her Journal cover is so darling! Good luck to you Denise, I hope you win this thing lady!! :-[)

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Participants were asked to illustrate a journal cover with the theme being "Playground" - this was a good exercise for me that pushed me in directions I probably wouldn't have taken myself. :)

Here are a couple of my thumbnail sketches and then my cover design:


Kimberly from Joyful Roots said...

Hi! I wanted to let you know that I absolutely adore your work and I hope that you aren't too discouraged by not making it. You are one of the most talented designers I follow! I also did not make the cut, and was totally bummed. I know several other people with huge talent that didn't make it either. Your journal entry is so adorable and I always look forward to seeing more of your work! Keep going!

ROXY MARJ said...

Hello Kimberly!

Thanks for the super sweet comment and words of encouragement! I am not discouraged by not getting, if we lived in North Korea and that was the only way our work was ever gonna get noticed...well then I would most likely be depressed for the rest of my life. :-p A little dramatic but I definitely don't base my worth as an illustrator off of being denied by Lilla Rogers...and I hope you don't either! :] Just keep at it...we will both reach our goals if we keep working hard, because hard work ALWAYS pays off. :) xo

denise said...

Roxy - Your journal cover is amazing! I love it so much! I am still pinching my cheeks, I can't believe it! You are so sweet to mention me lady - thank you for cheering me on! I think it is funny that you think you struggle with expression and storytelling, because you totally have such a unique way of illustrating that NO ONE ELSE HAS! The expression/action/storytelling are just small pieces. Having that style is where it's at and you got it! I knew you were going to make it big when I first saw your stuff.. you'll see! :)

Marilla Walker said...

Your illustrations are so sweet and have so much personality. Drawing is subjective and there would have been so many applicants. It is not a reflection on your work to not have mad it to the top 50, just keep doing what you're doing. It obviously sells! I have pinned so many of your illustrations onto my Pinterest boards, because I love them x x x

Surya said...

Roxy your style of drawing and expression is like no one else's. Glad you are not discouraged :) :)

Jo said...

Hey Roxy!
I think your cover is fabulous. I too was going to enter the competition, but due to a huge house move couldn't get my design together in time.
(probably an excuse lying in there somewhere : )

I too struggle with story telling, but more so on the design side. I sort of realise that one off images are more my strength, but I am so ready to learn more!

There's nothing better than being creative and for now, as well as doing many other things, that will do for me : )
And I just realised, that you are the talented person that makes my all time favourite eye clutch!!
x x x


I agree with everyone here, your work is fab and I totally adore it! I do not know why you were not in the top 50 but do not let it discourage you because I seriously believe you are only one step away from success. You are so very talented! /maria x

Brittany said...

Thanks so much for sharing all of that! It helps beginners like me to realize even those that I admire so much and are successful are real people and have to work super hard too! I think you should've made the top 50 though! I love how your characters hold so much expression and that they are always so consistent with your style, Best of luck with your next venture!

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