Jun 3, 2013

This past weekend, we went to Jackson Hole with two other couples. That place is a mecca for mother nature inspiration! And I have to say that the fly fishing in Jackson is waaay prettier than the places I have been to here in Utah... or I mean the landscape of where we fished just seamed more peaceful... I don't know if it was because of the widespread openness or the lack of mosquitoes... either way, i'm hankering to go back!

One of the highlights of visiting Jackson Hole is that my older brother Paul lives there. He is a plethora of knowledge - all things Jackson Hole/the Tetons/ rivers/hikes etc. We were able to pack a lot in, in a short amount of time. Here are some photos from our trip... some taken by me, my husband Jesse and Liybie Cerar, who was also on the trip with us.

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so many things to get inspired by in the outdoors... I could spend all day wandering around in the woods, on a river, at the beach, in the dessert... you name it. There is such an abundance of inspiration! 

Yesterday morning, the Gros ventre river my brother took us too was so lovely...
I loved how there were all these split or crushed rocks everywhere in between the river rock. 
This was giving me some really great ideas for our yard among other things. :)

with our two other couples friends hiking around Jenny Lake
from L-R [ Ravi, Liybie, Me, Jesse, my bro. Paul, Tara & Adam]

Liybie just finished college, majoring in photography.
 She's dang good and she also rides horses...even cooler huh! :-[) 

I am so glad she came with us to the Gros ventre yesterday morning, she captured some really
beautiful images of Jesse, Paul, and I fishing...& there was no one out there but us... it was awesome.

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and then we ended our trip looking for some Buffalo and Moose... we were only successful with the first. 
and there were tons of them all over, close to the cars...obviously used to having their photos taken. BUT when the guys were all fishing Friday evening they spotted 4 Moose, so not a total loss one bit. 

am sad for our trip to be over, but also really glad to be home. I desperately missed Harley...but knowing he was in good hands with my Mom while she house-sat for us eased a lot of stress... I missed our lil house, our yard and especially our bed. With that said, I am truly looking forward to our next visit to Jackson and hanging out with my brother again! :) 


tracie said...

SO HILARIOUS. Liybie grew up in basically my same neighborhood! Remember a few weeks ago when I "grammed" that I bought a handmade quilt from this girl that her grandma made for $3.00? I BOUGHT THAT FROM LIYBIE! hahaha. Small, small world. Looks like you had a fun trip :)

ROXY MARJ said...

tracie, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!!! I am gonna scold Liybie now for selling that quilt!! :-[) Such a small world, she is great huh! :)

Vivi Stubi said...

Those rocks! Wow!! It must have been a fun weekend! You've sold it to me, I want to visit!!

ROXY MARJ said...

Vivi, I will keep asking you till I am blue in the face to come visit us! :-[) Jackson hole is only 4 1/2 hr drive away too!! You would LOVE it!!!

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