Apr 18, 2013

Simplify simplify!

Gone with our gallery wall with lots of frames in different sizes, hello simple wall. This summer I plan on refinishing our black console and leaving its original color which hopefully will be the same color as the frames pictured. Please ignore the fact that we have not installed a floor board yet. Thanks :-p

My studio downstairs was a hard room to tackle when trying to simplify... however, my new print that is in my shop "simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" has been huuuge motivation for me to continue on my path of a clutter free home. One of the things that has been hard to over come is seeing an empty space on a shelf....because my mind is programmed to think "that space needs to be filled!" HA! Cue "The Simple Home" book, my bible to learning and understanding how and why it is important to live with less! Well, as weird as it sounds...there have been a couple times I have had to tell myself lately: "Roxy, it's okay...you don't need to put anything else on that shelf...you already have all the tools you need down here in your studio, this empty space is fine!" lol this kinda thing sounds so ironic you guys...but that really is a thought I keep going back too. :/ 

I have been deep cleaning every room in our house lately and getting rid of things like it's nobody's business... but actually it kinda is. I am having an garage sale this Saturday on our lawn, and folks...there's gonna be a lot of awesome loot. I would be lying if I said I won't miss some of the stuff...but it's a challenge that I have given myself, and to succeed I need to let go.. :) 

There are treasures for everyone, and if you live in the vicinity I hope to see you there. However...if you are a creeper, I'M DEAD SERIOUS HERE please refrain from coming. And if you are someone who questions your creepiness then I suggest staying home. This comment sounds pretty harsh, but it is intended for someone in my neighborhood whom I feel has gone a little too far out of his way to be "nice" which has translated into being creepy. Oh, and my 6ft + husband will be at my side. :)

Click HERE to see the garage sale listing...

Most of the stuff you see below will be for sale...what is not for sale in this pic is my dresser, rocking chair w/ blankets, floor rug and the little white chest with books on it. :)


lifeonbonita said...

So fun! I'll try and come by!

Vivi Stubi said...

So inspiring, cannot wait to get rid of some of my clutter!
It's hard work reminding yourself that empty space is ok, but it feels so great having space to think and breath... Well done!

Bonjour Juliette said...

I just discovered your work and blog and all... And i love your work!
Not much more to say in fact, but nice things are always good to hear i figured, so there :-)
Thanks for your creation, and kisses from Paris, France***

Emily Kinsella said...

I just found you/your work through Instagram! It's great and inspiring! I'm all about it. And I can totally relate to wanting to lead a simpler, de-cluttered life. I am moving in a month and have so much to get rid of, but I'm excited about it! Too much stuff stresses me out!

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