Feb 28, 2013

Yesterday I posted this picture on Instagram 
which is of a page from my flower zine I made awhile back. 
You may recognize my character Tilly on the right there?

Well, my friend Abby [whom I met through my blog ] got inspired by my Tilly portrait and
dressed herself up as Tilly!!! :-[) Coolest thing EVER! This gave me such a great idea for a contest I would love to throw: Dress up as your fav. Roxy Marj Character and winner gets $250 store credit, I gotta do this now! Don't you just love how she looks, I wish I would have thought to do that myself!! :-[)  Abby, i'm totally framing this!! <3 nbsp="" p="">

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And while I was checking emails just before starting to blog [excuse the messy desk] who comes and jumps up on my lap [and has been here now for 40 min...my thighs are burning!] but 23 pounder Harley! He's gonna be 11 soon.... somedays I forget that he's an old timer, has been acting a lil needy lately if you ask me. :-p Also, it's hard to tell from this photo...but his chin is resting on my arm! lol HAAAARLEEEEEY!!!! lol 


Annie said...

Oh what a cutie dog that Harley is! My Scooter used to jump up on my lap everytime I worked from home. Sometimes I would have to remove his head from my laptop keyboard. Love the doggie love.

handmade romance said...

oh harley is adorable. 11 years is quite the doggie achievement - go harley!

abby's tilly costume is so clever, what a fun idea : )

Anonymous said...

Ah so cool! The contest is a great idea! I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with.

I love when my furry pals come snuggle in my lap. I do my best not to move or disturb them so I can enjoy it for as long as possible. Harley looks like a sweet guy.

Jill said...

Did you die laughing when you saw the Tilly portrait?! I know I would have. She is awesome.

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