Feb 22, 2013

Every day for the past 2 1/2 months have felt like Friday for me... or maybe more like Saturday... yes, I would say I was pretty lucky. Well, Jesse got laid off just as December was starting...so sad for him, but happy [i love the companionship] for me. Well, he started a new job this past Monday [it had to happen] and so now my days are spent [emotionally] trying to be okay again at being alone and sooo looking forward to Fridays!

So, to that I say...hip hip hurray... soo glad it's Friday!

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I stole Jesse's socks, and don't feel bad about it at all! 
These things bring the ultimate coziness and plush party surprise to your feet! 

this morning when I was getting dressed I noticed two sleeves of shirts I re-worked were hanging next to one another.... it reminded me that I NEED to get back to making/designing my own clothes again. :) You know that creative tug i'm talking about...the kind that lingers... :/

a sweet little find at the thrift store a couple weeks ago.... so many uses

and having a bright sunny kitchen to display it in is something i'm truly grateful for!
 I'd take sunshine over tangible items ANY DAY!!!  The picture looks like it's two [just noticing this] put together...but it's not...this is how it actually looks... w/out doors on purpose.

finally FINALLY re-potted all our plants. This Jade in particular was going downhill quick, I should have re-potted it 2+ years ago! But I kept putting it off until I got its warning signal last week. :/ Anyone get depressed over not being as good of a plant owner as you would like? What is up with that? They're plants....yet, they really do have some kind of little spirit ... mums the word on whether or not I actually sing to them. :-p 

Love this quote, whomever it's by.... a good reminder to look at every day. :)
I painted that on top of the glass, not on the picture itself. 

Lastly, how can I not end the week with a glimpse into Harley's life....this dog = JOY! 

Have a good weekend, see you back here on Monday. :)


c & t said...

Darling post Roxy! Makes me crave sunshine, gardening and re-purposing! Okay... mainly makes me crave SPRING.

Sarah Larsen said...

Your wall collages (or whatever is best to call them :)) are always so inspiring. I also love how you describe the creative tug. I have been feeling that little tug lately!

Rachael Poklitar said...

other than the fact that i have 40 more minutes of work for this week and i am helping host a games night at my house tonight, this post raised my spirits higher! i want to alter my thrift-store finds, perhaps for my shop? that'd sure set items apart from the pack and give me a chance to use my hands, other than simply using them to wash garments :)

ROXY MARJ said...

Thanks Tracie! I'm so right there with ya lady! :-[)

Thanks Sarah! I call it our gallery wall, i'm sure I learned that from a magazine or something. :) That creative tug is your new baby about to come. The most amazing design EVER!!!! :-[)

Rachael, so glad I was able to help in the raising of your spirits!! Such a good feeling! :{)
Definitely alter those finds of yours, make em more fresh...they'll thank you for it! :))

Alice Osborne said...

"...plush party surprise to your feet..." I love that! And oh that Harley--how'd we live so long without him?

handmade romance said...

oh it must have been so nice to have jesse with you over that time. a lovely post roxy. your finds and personal tweaks and touches are always inspiring to find the good in things. i love those pots with the faces on them above harley. what a life - harley sure has the right idea ; )

Krystal said...

i looove all these items. and everyday feeling like friday would be amazing! but now fridays will be extra special i guess!

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