Feb 6, 2013

This past week i've been itching to make a bouquet of icicles before they all melted away... today I finally did so and ironically right after I finished collecting them and taking pictures, the sun came out and they are now slowing dripping away as I type. At first I put them in my milk glass vase but because it was tapered they really didn't stand well, so I swapped it for a clear tube one. Next winter if we have icicles like this again, I want to have a night time snowman party under our walnut tree with the twinkle lights turned on and these as decorations, considering they're free!

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Yesterday Jesse and finally designed the kitchen light fixture we had been brainstorming about. After designing it, Jesse went out into his garage and built it! So cool...I really love this fixture. The cost was next to nothing [however, you do kinda need a welder to make something like this] and the shade is from an old colander [used for canning?] that was Jesse's moms. We're pretty stoked with how it turned out...Now we're dreaming up a more hearty fixture to go above our table. 

To see more pictures and the process, go to Jesse's blog HERE 

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Lastly, more blogger loving : 

a writer for a magazine [online] that mentioned my work. 

Back in August I was asked by Leticia Katz who writes for the online magazine Salt Lake  [which is in print too] if she could interview me. I originally emailed her asking if they would be interested in featuring one of my products in their magazine and instead she asked about doing the interview instead....not a sit down type a thing. She just emailed me questions. :) You can read it HERE if you like, and as usual...take my grammar with a grain of salt. Thank you again Leticia. :) 


Rachael Poklitar said...

you're a blogging machine, man! i can barely keep up. i can't reach the icicles at my house because it is 3 stories tall, but i appreciate your enthusiasm ;) were the the fastest-wilting bouquet you've ever had?

Lanapelana said...

Ohh, nice!I've never seen snow :(
I love the picture of your dog in the window, with sad face? Cute!

Alice Osborne said...

Icicle bouquets? OF COURSE--what a cool (pun intended) idea! I'm copying this! Congratulations on the SL Magazine interview--it's a great magazine and it's so neat they've found you. And that lamp--I'm trying not to gush here, but oh my gosh it's terrific!

ROXY MARJ said...

Rachael! lol That blogging machine you speak of ran out of gas a couple days ago! lol I'm more like a blogging lawn mower, I can only go so far... lol Actually those icicles stayed put! I took them out of the vase a couple hours just so the vase wouldn't crack...but they are still there in the snow!

Marta! You have never seen snow??!!! Oh my gosh, aren't just dying to see it in person? Snow is the best, when it comes in manageable quantities of course!

Mom, copy away...anyone feel free to copy. :) Thank you for the congrats...that happened about 5 months ago :] and the lamp is really sweet, you will dig it!

denise said...

What! That light is amazing! Maybe your husband should open an etsy shop? :)

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