Feb 4, 2013

A couple months ago I won a free 2-night stay at the Radisson Hotel in dowtown Salt Lake, so Jesse and I used that to celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary which is tomorrow...which is why I was "away" from my computer, and not able to blog over the weekend.

Continuing with my Love For Bloggers month:

If you like reading well written blogs... then Shoko's is one worth following. Her's is the kind that
makes me want to meet her in person and if that ever happened, I feel like we could talk for hours
about so many fascinating, culturally rich, and super funny things! I also get the feeling from reading her blog, that how she portrays herself online perfectly matches what she would be in real life...you know those kinds of blogs...where the blogger is so "fun and fabulous and oh so nice online [perhaps trying to gain a large readership] but then in person...they just don't match up...unless of course you're ultra fabulous yourself. Never had an experience like that before? ah! lol well...they're becoming more common these days...just wait.  Annnnyways, LOVE SHOKO! 

This book that just came out, is one that Shoko helped write...
you can purchase it HERE.

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Yesterday [Sunday] I was supposed to thank Rebecca Cohenour of Young Sophisticates. She blogged about one of my clutch's this past July. Rebecca has a blog that is dedicated to showing you chic & stylish clothing, accessories, interiors etc....her blog is very polished and full of great photography. This image below [ from France's Elle Magazine] is a favorite...love the color palate and pattern on pattern.

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And Saturday's shout out was supposed to go out to Jeff Hamada of BOOOOOOOM

This guy is just too cool and truly supportive of artists and designers! When I opened up shop again in July, I emailed a couple dozen prominent art/design/fashion/MOMMY bloggers out there to see if anyone would be interested in doing a giveaway with some of my products. Only two people responded back. One of them was Jeff, and he said he would be happy to do a giveaway...the other person said no, and that I needed to advertise with her in order to be part of her giveaways... Well, one YES was all that I needed to help build my spirits! Jeff's site is really sweet [i.e. RAD] diverse and very inspiring. Another person that I hope to meet someday! Thanks again Jeff for being the first person do a giveaway with me and support itty bitty teenie weenie designers like myself!

Jeff, pictured below...seems like such a cool/funny dude huh! :-[)


Rachael Poklitar said...

love this! checking every single one out. if you say they`re great, i believe it! hope you`re keeping well roxy! still thinking about the video a few posts back whenever i need a kick in the butt :)

robayre said...

I love Jeff! I'm guessing you've probably seen his Creative Mornings talk, but for those that haven't I have to shar a link. SO GOOD! http://vimeo.com/53222014

ROXY MARJ said...

Thank you Rachael! Ahhh I'm so glad that video is inspiring to be better and work hard! Go get em girl!!!:-[)

Robayre, I had noooo idea about these! Ah thank you so much for sharing them with me! Gonna check it out right now!!! :)

Shoko said...

Oh my goodness! Thank you so, so much, Roxy! This was the sweetest surprise. I feel the same way about you and would love to meet you in person one day - we'd TOTALLY talk for hours, you're right :) Your support means so much to me - can't thank you enough!

ROXY MARJ said...

Shoko, You're so welcome!! :-[) I am so glad that these posts are surprises to everyone! :-[) SO FUN! Here's to 2013 and hopefully meeting each other in person! xo

Gilang Biantara said...

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