Jan 9, 2013

Well...forget everything that I wrote in my last post. I have been pretty sick with the same thing that apparently everyone else in the country has = Flu, RSV, Head Cold etc. Last Mondsay started with a sore throat and then Friday my head went kapooty on me and the sinuses threatened to detonate at any moment. I was taking tons of medicine to get better so as not to fall behind on orders...nothing was working. Posted on my Roxy Marj fb page asking for "get better" suggestions and I got a ton. Thank you to all those who posted advice! One of the best ones being to get sudafed OVER THE COUNTER! Apparently, the medicine I was taking that said had sudafed really didn't and that you now had to buy it through a pharmacist. So Jesse got me the real deal, vicks vapor rub, and a neti pot yesterday. My sweet friend brought over some essential oil samples from doTerra to try and all I can say is that I feel like a million bucks now! :-[) Slept really well last night, and barely there signs of a runny nose left behind.  I'm bummed and a little stressed that I haven't gotten my new products up in shop...but honestly, all I care about right now is that I can breath with ease. What a great feeling breathing easily is! :)

So, i'm back to working catching up on orders and listening to one of my very favorite ladies talk and talk: Barbara Corcoran! If you don't know what she's all about, you are MISSING OUT! She has so much chutzpah and you can tell that she is so kind and authentic.  I admire this lady up and down and she is by far one of my very favorite role models. A secret confession that is no longer a secret: my goal for 2013 is to go on Shark Tank and hopefully have Barbara [and Daymond John] invest in my company. I want so badly to rub shoulders with this lady and learn as much as from her as possible.  Sometimes when I get down on myself in regards to my company...I just say to myself: "What would Barbara do? She would work hard, not give two hoots what anyone else's thinks all the while maintaing pure class! " and then i'm ready to get back on track!

Here are two favorite interviews: Woman's intuition

and an interview with ALLBUSINESS

I really love what she says in this interview about people who complain "stay away from undercover complainers...they're the kind of people that when you walk away from a conversation you have less energy after... she is so stinking smart!

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Now! Back to work, and hopefully in the next day or so 
I will have some new items to share with you all...if not, till next week then. :)


Alice Osborne said...

SO glad you are doing better. It takes a bout of this stuff to remind us what a huge gift good health is. That's something we take too much for granted! And this video of Barbara C. is so inspiring. Thanks for putting it up! Sweet dreams you amazingly talented designer! (Shark Tank here you come!)

ROXY MARJ said...

Thanks Mom. :) I definitely do take my health for granted sometimes...need to be more aware of that. :/

Shark Tank here I come indeed!!! :{)

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