Jan 4, 2013

Starting this coming Monday, it's gonna get crazy over here on the Roxy Marj home-front! Lot's of new items for 2013 both paper & textile as well as another very special something something that's been in the making for a couple months now that I will finally get to share. :) Till then, have a great weekend...i.e. relax, and check back next week for loads of goodness. :-[)

A sneak peak of a couple items going up in my shop next week: 

A new character: SCAMBERRY 
[thank you Julie for coming up with his clever name!] 
how can you not love him? :-[) I am planning on doing a series of this guy... 
aren't you curious as to how he got into this business? 

and a new favorite: The Moppsikon Floppsikon Bear - poem by Edward Lear

You can buy him as a print [pictured] or as a coloring poster [w/out color] in both my sizes.


rachael said...

i'm excited to see all the new things! time to get back to business, hey roxy? ;)

Alice Osborne said...

What an adorable addition to any child's room, Moppsikon, Floppsikin is! DARLING idea! And Scamberry's the best! Can hardly wait for the fun.

ROXY MARJ said...

Thanks Rachael...trying to get back to business indeed! :)

Thanks Mom, you will get the 5 finger discount! :-[)

Lindsay Kay said...

You are truly one of the coolest people on the planet, Roxy Marj. I never get sick of reading your blog. I could spend all day long here. Thanks for the inspiration.

Anonymous said...


always recharged to see your blog


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