Jan 1, 2013

 I'm back! woot woot! hehehehe lol :-[) Wow...2013....is it just me or are you tripping out over living in the beginning of the 21st Century?!? For a long time I have always wished I was born around the year 1900 so I could be in my 20's during the roaring 20's...and it wasn't that long ago that I realized "wait, I do get to live in the roaring 20's but just a 100 years later...so weird. Okay, anyways....

some "resolutions" i've been continuously working on for the past couple years....but this year
I have included "time" to my list ... :) I want to be more patient with it and perhaps even become its best friend? Timing is everything, and is something that I keep reminding myself is a gift. So, for example: as Jesse and I hope to have a child of our own, hoping for that to happen in 2013...until that does happen, and perhaps not this year.... making the most of the time we have together and making it count is the best thing we can do and something we do have control over. :) 

I love resolutions a.ka. goal setting...and the confidence one get's when reaching one's own
goal. It's such a self esteem booster! I know that one of the things that helps me achieve my goals much easier is if I stay organized! Speaking of organization [like that segue?] lol ....another video of my Mother and a favorite thing of hers: Memory Boxes. This is a must have in every home folks. They can be fancy ornate boxes or even a shoe box....doesn't really matter, either way if you don't have one...how about making that a goal of yours for this year? :)

A picture of my Mother when she was a little girl, that she keeps in her memory box.

a little dish towel that my Mother cross-stiched and crocheted 

a vintage Christmas tree ornament

 one of her baby outfits

vintage baby rattle....dying over this item! 

one of my brother's transformers...lol :-[) I love that she has this!

my Mother's baby bracelet and necklace

What sweet treasures my Mom has huh? I could look through her box all day long. 

Hope this post was inspiring!  :)


Alice Osborne said...

Wouldn't it be fun if your readers sent pictures of things they're keeping in THEIR memory boxes? Gathering up and storing personal treasures properly is a super way to start the new year. Thanks for sharing my ideas, Roxy!

rike said...

it is! and i do love the idea to make it a new years tradition by adding some new pieces to the memory box every year :)

all the best to you and your beloved ones

ROXY MARJ said...

That would be so fun mom! :-[) Good idea! It would actually make a really neat coffee table book too. :)

Rike, all the best to you as well! If I did a "call for memory box items" would you want to participate? :-[)

Scott Radical said...

Just to let you know the submarine, is a Go-bot not a transformer.

Jessica Marie said...

So sweet! I loved seeing my mom's things too!

ROXY MARJ said...

Scott! GOOD TO KNOW...I will let my mother know. :)

Jessica, i'm confused by your comment...do you mean you liked looking at your mom's stuff on your own or are some of these photos I took pictures of your mom's things?

Jessica Marie said...

Haha...yeah, that probably didn't make any sense! lol. I love it when my mom shows me what she's got in her box of things she's collected throughout the years!

celina bailey said...

I'm a little late- Happy New Year! I hope all your wishes and dreams come true... A baby sounds like a marvoulous idea ;) also, so happy to see your creations popping up all around the web.

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