Dec 18, 2012

Saturday I had my pop:up shop, which was so much fun! My only regret is that I didn't get photos with everyone who came and especially online friends I was meeting for the first time. :/ Memo to self: be more proactive about taking photos! Jesse got a couple and my friend Kim got a fun shot of Jesse and I which I plan on framing. I love this guy! My pop:up wouldn't have happened at all if it wasn't for Jesse and my Mom! Thanks so much for your support guys and my lil sister Mari came and helped out the day of as well....thank you Mari! And a HUUUUGE THANK YOU to all who came out [on such short notice] and supported this tiny event that at first made me soo nervous to throwing but  in the end made me so happy.

photo taken by Kim Nelson

and a last minute idea to paint a little sign on the window... :)

I bought these sweet tea lights last week for the pop:up to add a little ambiance...
isn't the pattern so pretty? Only 79 cents at Michaels craft store. Can't beat that! 

I had two giveaways at the pop:up - the first being 3 essential oils from doTerra! Ali Malan, you 
my friend are the winner! I will mail this sweet set off to you tomorrow lady! Congrats! ;-[)

the second giveaway was for my Heirloom Bear Blanket! And the winner of that is Tracey Atkinson! Congrats to you Tracey and so fun to meet you! I will mail your blanket to you tomorrow as well! Thanks again to everyone who came! :-[) 

and then....oh man it just keeps getting better! My internet friend Jane [of Nova Granola] whom I got to meet for the first time too, brought me a FABULOUS batch of her citrus granola she makes, well we did a trade actually! You guys, buy this will gobble it up and become instant Nova Granola addicts! And the packaging! loove luvooo love!

and last but not least. A little update on Harley love pants Mcgee! The dog got a haircut which at first made me quite sad because they cut off his locks on the top of his head which I had been meaning to put a sponge curler in... :/ and it just looked like he lost his innocence...but i've become used to his new look very quickly and now I see him as a little puppy instead of an old man...oh Harley. I just adore this guy. This morning I found him sleeping as usual on top of the pillows on our couch...but then when I went back into our living room no more than 5 min later, he had moved over to the other side. He's all about the cozy! :-[) I was worried that he would get a little out of hand at my pop:up with all the people there but he did wonderfully and was as gracious as could be. 

and check back for more organizing tips/videos from my Mom. :)


Hello Sandwich said...

Looks so cute! I wish I could have come along xoxo

rachael said...

oh my gosh, the window sign is terrific! looks like a real little shop! :) it looks like you guys had fun. i must wear more scarves on my head!

ginger said...

so fun to see your space + meet your sweet family. + JANE. what a babe - I keep telling everyone I met a girl who makes her own granola. I need to get my hands on that. Bummed we didn't win the bear blanket, but don't you fret - i am saving my pennies!

Jane said...

Roxy! I am so glad I was able to come up to your shop/house. It was so cozy and spirited. I love all my purchases!!!! Thanks for doing it. And hustling my Nova is too toooooo kind.

Egan Metcalf said...

Roxy! Jane! The power houses meet! Sad I had to miss this pop up! Lets hang soooooon!

Abby said...

Adorable! You should pop:up in Florida sometime :)

ROXY MARJ said...

Thanks Ebony! Would have loved to have you at my Pop:Up! You most likely would have enjoyed it!

Thanks Rachael! I am actually wearing a headband with 3 huge pompoms glue-guned to it! I will take a picture of it and post about it this's a great craft project. :)

Ginger! Thanks again for coming and supporting me. So fun to have you! :-[) Jane is a babe, a total model as is her sister Egan! Model family. *sigh* :) lol

Jane, ladies here that? YOU'RE MODELS!!! :-[) Jane, your granola...hands down best ever! I'm order 5 more packages! Egan, so bummed you were out of town...let's definitely hang out. :)

Abby, when the time is right...I will mos def pop:UP in have my word! :-[) xo

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