Nov 12, 2012

Oh man....oooooh man! Ever get that warm giddy feeling in your tummy when you come across something new that makes you so happy? :-[) This happens to me with magazine and books! I hoard magazines...but not just any magazine. The kinds that inspires, the kinds that teach me something intellectual that doesn't have to do with "how to please your guy" and the kinds that have  creative spreads that I want to tear out and tape on my wall!

Well! I came across two magazines that are new to me. And they are worthy of seeking after folks! I love this first one "The Simple Things" yes! It's about time there's a magazine dedicated to the hundreds of meaningful things that make life better instead of focusing on subjects that make people even more narcissistic.  The Simple Things is a cozy magazine, and I can't wait for the next issue!  Natural Child World is just as sophisticated, modern and thoughtful. The stories, products, clothes are well curated and leave you contemplating about stuff that matters, as opposed to "what's the latest trend that I should know about"  something that we read and hear 24/7 .... I hope there comes a day when people will make purchases based off what they like, instead of what the media, magazines, blogs etc. are telling you to buy and what is hot for the season.... with that said, if you read my blog in the hopes of getting some hot trend tips... :/ you might wanna stop reading my blog... because I would be telling you to dress like a Gibson girl when everyone else is gonna tell you that "Jackie O" is in style... anyways, that rant is for another day.

*both magazines found at Barnes & Noble

 below images from The Simple Things

Below images from Natural Child World

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A couple weeks ago I did a trade with a cute girl : Amy Rowan of Art School Girl and Click and Pixel - both are great sites with lovely things for your home. I love the package that my little items came in....felt like I received something straight from the North Pole!  And why are little things like small brown wax bags so special? :)


rachael said...

aah there is too much to deal with in this post. those magazines look terrific. i love the simple things too! pumped to check out the new items in your shop, roxy!

Amy Rowan said...

And I love my envelopes! Thanks so much Roxy!!! <3

ROXY MARJ said...

Rachael...simple things are the best, no? :-[)

Amy, you're so welcome! I looove my little goodies. I apologize for taking awhile to post them... but I felt it more appropriate once the weather got colder you know...they have such a wintery feel to it that's very special. :)

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