Nov 30, 2012

This past week has been a really good one for me, and here are some reasons why: 

Yesterday my friend Laura dropped by to drop off the book that I loaned her [Animals in Translation] as well as a yummy salt scrub that she made! Thank you Laura! Then my other friend Lauren dropped by soon after to go over the essential oils she sells from Do Terra...and with her she brought homemade applesauce for me that she made too! I will be hosting a doTerra [pronounced dough terra] party at my house NEXT SATURDAY at 1 if you're big on essential oils and are wanting to make your body & home a more natural environment then you should come. Shoot me an email if you're seriously interested:  *This isn't something that you have to sign up for in order to get the oils...they have an online shop or you can order them wholesale directly from Lauren like I plan on doing. :)

I got my new rug cards [for packages] back from Alphagraphics... love them! 

I bought this awesome sweater vest at the thrift store last year even though it was gigantically huge on me. Just the other day it dawned on me to shrink it in the wash! [HELLO!] and voila, it totally fits perfectly now. I did do a little blocking to take some of the curve out and make it hang more straight. Just a hot tip there: buy huge old man's sweaters and shrink em. You probably already know this though huh and are thinking "ahhh Roxy, been there done that!" :-[) lol well, i'm sure stoked about it! Now I just gotta change the buttons. 

Last night Jesse and I had the pleasure of attending The Christmas Carol at the Pioneer Theater. Our neighbor had extra tickets and so we got to go with him. He [Blaine] works with the Women's Small Bussiness Center in Salt Lake and specifically invited us so he could introduce me to a couple people. Before the play they had food and drinks for the women who go to the center [catered by La Croissant..& SO GOOD!] as well as a raffle & I won the grand prize! Two tickets to a Jazz game and 2 night stay at the Radisson Hotel! I'm thinking double daaaaaaate night, woo! Thank you Blaine for taking us and Thank you Women's Business Center for the food & prize! Oh, and the play was awesome! I saw The Christmas Carol at Madison Square Garden 10 years ago and honestly, it was just as good. Go see it and support the arts! :)

Lastly, the biggest thing of all. My mom has been over at our house three times this week helping me get organized. I had a little breakdown last weekend along with major anxiety [what else is new?] Well, Jesse and I were driving to downtown Salt Lake last Saturday to take a break from things and I just kept saying over and over..."I don't know what to do" well, no sooner did my mom call to ask a question and then asked how I was doing. In my quivery voice I said, not too well and then just started crying. I told her that I felt so overwhelmed and disorganized and didn't know what to do. Here's the funny part: my mom wrote a book on organization that was published by Readers Digest and then later by Barnes & Noble...HELLO, why am I not asking my mom for help? Well she offered to come help me get organized and she really worked her magic! This week i've hardly had any anxiety and have been more productive. I finally started responding back to emails from 2 months ago as well as wholesale inquiries. I've felt so good that every day next week on my blog is going to be dedicated to organizing and showing pictures of what my mom did with our office and my studio and hopefully get a couple videos of her talking about the process as well! 

The pictures below are a little funky in color because of our basement being really dark, so just work with me on those. :) I love seeing all my fabric nicely organized and in their own departments, funny how something as simple as that can make one feel so good inside. 

Double lastly, some great sites that mentioned my items this past week:

Design For Mini Kind - Thank You!

Rappimamma - Thank You!

To and From Magazine - Thank You!

Urban Outfitters blog - some of you may have already seen this on my fb page Thank You!

Miss Moss's Noir Gift Guide - THANK YOU...this lady always brings me an insane amount of traffic and buyers to my etsy shop! I just love her blog and need to send her something for always blogging about my items. :]

Have a great weekend!
 I'll see you on Monday with tips and ideas 
on how to get you organized and staying organized! :)


Alice Osborne said...

Roxy, thank you so much for the wonderful validation--for mentioning my book and all. It was great fun helping you and I just love how creative you are. I hope millions of people will take advantage of your DIY tips, etc. You have tons of wonderful ideas for folks!

Adriana Gallo said...

That vest is remarkable.

rachael said...

hehe, we sometimes forget to ask for help from the most obvious places! good to hear you're feeling better. Go...your mom!


ROXY MARJ said...

You're very welcome Mom. :) Thanks so much for helping me!

Adriana, I agree whole heartedly with you! :-[) Also, I checked out your blog [super cute] and am envious you are studying illustration at RISD. :) I toured the campus back in 08 to considering going there for my masters...the campus is SOOO BEAUTIFUL!

Rachael, yeah I felt pretty silly many times the answer to a problem is right under our noses... :p

Jill said...

So much goodness in one post. I hear you on the being overwhelmed sometimes, if you feel buried it is hard to get ahead and you just really need sometime to give you a leg-up so you can get on top of things. That is wonderful your Mom was able to come, it looks GREAT.

That vest is amazing. Good work!

I wish I was in town for your essential oils night... sigh... good ol' Utah.

ROXY MARJ said...

Thanks Jill! :) You're so right about needing that leg up! :/ I need to be more proactive about listening to what i'm struggling with and instead of crying and complaining all the time, start asking for help. :] Learning life the more dramatic way sometimes....

That vest is one hot mamma! lol :)

Wish you could come for the essential oils party as well... :/

Vivi Stubi said...

I have a huuuge jumper I never wear, never thought of making it shrink, hooray, I'll be able to wear it now!
I'm doing one of those catch up session with your blog (I keep falling behind on my blog reading!) and I will be following your mom's advice on how to get organised so that I will be prepared to start the new year!

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