Oct 2, 2012

Put up a couple Halloween/fall decorations yesterday...I am regretting donating my crows. I had 6 and only have 1 now.... Anyways...so last night Jesse and I made a guilty trip to Walmart to get some groceries. I have Walmart remorse every time I leave that place... This will be the only time EVER that I will encourage you to buy something from Walmart. If you like good smelling candles w/out the weird plasticy scent and the kind that makes a room smell good even when it's not lit, t hen you will love Mainstays brand candles for only $3. We got their Mulled Cider and our house smells soooooo good right now. These were the same candles we used at our wedding reception.

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Lastly, a disco ball! I am a lover of all things shiny & sparkly. I am the Smeigel of sparklies...when I see something twinkling...I turn into a zombie and head straight towards the light. No matter the tackiness of the object. Luckily I was born with sparkly restraint...but I do fear for when Jesse and I do spawn children, who just might also [especially little girls] have a thirst for the glitter, the sequins, the rhinestones etc. 

So because I have been managing our money well [this is big for me] Jesse rewarded me with this disco ball that I "precioused" in the Christmas Section at Wallmart. <- yep, Christmas already. sad. Luckily, disco ball ornament goes beyond Christmas for me. It is an everyday object that now happily resides hanging in our office. This precious item could be yours too for only a $1.49.


Merideth said...

Love your use of "precioused" as a verb. LOL! I will have to try to incorporate this into my vocabulary!

ROXY MARJ said...

Merideth! I am laughing that you are laughing! :-[) lol

Vivi said...

This just reminds me I got rid of two similar baby disco ball I had when I was having a big clear out ;-(
Hope they make someone else happy!

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