Oct 1, 2012

A quick and easy way to make someone happy :

I am sure I am not alone when I say receiving a hand written note in the mail makes the day that much better! Today I wrote my self a letter...sort of. It's a time capsule letter in bullet point form. 

This is my 5th time capsule i've done and each one is very special. I was looking around for my others yesterday but they are still packed away somewhere. I really want to find them though so I can share with you exactly how much of a trip it is to make them and then a year later read what you wanted to have happen that year.  For example, my 2010 capsule letter that I wrote New Years day had 9 things I was hoping for, one of which was to know the guy I would be marrying! Six months later, I met Jesse! All 8 of the 9 things happened for me...the one that didn't happen was traveling outside of the states.  

Anyways, I highly recommend this activity by yourself, with your partner, kids or bff's. Seal it and put it away for a year...I also did a video capsule with one of my best friends during our Senior year of college, we talked about 1 year, 3 year and 5 year goals...I need to find that too. 

I blacked out 3 things because as of right now those are personal. :/ Sorry. However, Oct 1, 2013 I promise to share the whole list whether or not they happen for me.... i'm a little nervous... oh and the 5 "new" classics.... that means to stop rereading the same classics over and over again and branch out. I'm a creature of habit when it comes to books. If you have any favorites to recommend I would love to know. A classic i've been meaning to start for a couple years now, is Atlas Shrugged. This is the year! :-)

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I am in the Young Women's at my church [those of you who aren't Mormon, it just means I am a youth leader] and I was put with the 14-16 year old's...such a fun age! Anyways, my lesson that I was supposed to teach yesterday was on health & beauty. I love giving/getting handouts from lessons even if it's just a quote printed out. It makes it more memorable,no? I thought sharing some of my homemade granola would be a fun handout since it's health related. The recipe was taken from the Armstrong Mansion B&B where I use to work. I want to share it with you too and I included the print out if you would like. Cellophane bags work great for this and can be found at any craft/paper supply store and they are also affordable. Folding the label over and stapling it brings it to a whole other level. :) Do this with any treats and feel free to send me some via snail mail! lol eh? eh? :-[)

Click on print out and drag to desk top - much larger in size :)


rachael said...

that granola looks delicious!!


Kumiko said...

That's a good idea! I will try my 1st time capsule!

ROXY MARJ said...

Rachael, the granola is pretty good, do you every make granola? :)

Kumiko: thank you! :) I'm sure someone else thought of this idea ages ago though so I cannot take credit. But I am excited for you to do a capsule of your own, it really is special.

Vivi said...

yummy, it's bed time now but makes me look forward to breakfast already!
You're reminding me of letters. Oh yes letters to friends, I have been a lazy one on this one lately BUT (last time I say this) the letter should be on its way by the end of this week or Monday LATEST!

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