Sep 15, 2012

Creator of Little Universes couldn't have described summer turning into fall better! 

Here are her thoughts:

"This is some of my recent pictures on Instagram. In Denmark it's slowly turning darker 
during the days... the air is refreshing, in a way only September's air can be. Berries 
is harvested, herbs tossed in salads, teas brewed. Notes written. Cups stirred. Hands held. 
Dot drawings and doodles. Sweaters knitted. Summer turning into Autumn."


Line said...

Oh wow, Roxy! Thank you so so much for your generosity, I am so happy you like it! Thank you for the support, and yes, please use my posts when done in such sweet and honoring way, as you do:) Thank you again to the moon and back! I love your blog and your illustrations:) Xo Line.

ROXY MARJ said...

Line, you're so welcome! I love your blog - it's very creative and inspiring! :) And thank you for your sweet compliment! xoxo

Line said...

Hi darling sister blogger:) I'm sorry to change things here, but my url is the same as before 'creator of little universes' I'm sorry for the confusion! your blogs looks great today! xo

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