May 16, 2012

Gabrielle of Design Mom and her husband Ben Blair, have created a new website/tv show called Olive Us There you will find mini webisodes of basically the daily life and/or adventures that their 5 kids take on. <- Seriously, I wish I was born into this family...these kids are so neat!

Anyways, my friends Julie and Matt of Tiger in a Jar [the people filming the Blair kids] asked if I would be interested in doing the simple text and illustrations for Olive Us. I happily took on this little job....yeah right! I was seriously doing cannonballs in the bathtub! :-[) I am in love with all things creative from Julie and Matt, and so an opportunity to work with them on a project...yeah, I'm gonna hobo snag that in a heartbeat!

Here is the first episode of Olive Us. It's so inspiring and I am definitely looking forward to new ones each week! And make sure to tell your friends! :)


Mara Kofoed said...

You're so awesome, Roxy. Congrats on this amazing job. I saw your name on the episode and squealed. So happy to see your great illustrations out there. xo.

ROXY MARJ said...

Ohhhh... :) Thanks so much for sweet compliment. I am really excited to be apart of the project. Thanks for saying hello! xoxo <3

Sarah said...

ROXY!!! I just finished watching the video from Design Mom's blog and I saw your name at the end of the credits and I immediately googled you when I recognized your name and that's how I found your blog! So so happy to see you working on new projects - I'm going to stalk your blog now, hope that's okay :0) But seriously, hope you're doing well. Miss and love ya, Sarah (your good ol' DE desk buddy)

Jon said...
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mer said...

Roxi I recognized you artwork on the second episode! SO SO perfect. and so happy for you.


(I need to get up to SLC sometime and we should do lunch)

ROXY MARJ said...

Hey Sarah,
How funny that you recognized my name! lol and this whole time I thought I was keeping a low profile! lol :) Hope you're doing well and enjoying motherhood. :)

Lunch would be so fun. I live in Centerville now but would definitely meet you in Salt Lake!

Thanks for your compliments ladies, they sure mean a lot to me. :]

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