Feb 27, 2012

Yesterday was so beautiful outside, which made for a lot of light shining into our little apt. and me wanting to bask in it, read, and eat chocolate. I'm almost done reading "The Simple Home" [it's a quick 4 hr. read] and am currently stalling on the last 40 pages....I don't want it to end! Here are a couple things that really stood out to me:

1. "The ancient Greek Philosopher Epicurus was a sage of modest pleasures and simple abundance. He believed that anxiety about status, wealth, and having more was the single greatest obstacle to human happiness. No matter how wealthy we are, we can't be happy if we crave more riches; ......Epicurus understood the good life as a simple life where the modest pleasures of home and hearth, good foods, gardens, and conversations...are the ultimate luxury. Contentment arises when we feel a gratitude for what we have, when we revel in the "luxury of enough."

2. "In designing a home, thrift can be a pathway to long-term bounty. Quite appropriately, the word thrift, as derived from Old Norse, is historically tied to the word thrive. By 14th-century Middle English, thrift meant the condition of thriving and prosperity, a far stretch from its austere and budget-driven connotations today."

3. "It takes a lot of knowledge to do things that look simple."

4. "having just enough of the right things is a privilege rather than a compromise. In a world of advertising messages that shout, "Buy this to express yourself!" having less translates into more."

 As I was reading, it mentioned "slow down and begin a place journal, a quiet written diary of the feelings, sounds, and movement in your envisioned den or porch or cabin."  I was then inspired to take a break and make my own little visual "place journal" for me and Jesse's apt. right now & future home. I love the idea of writing about sounds and movement, and adding to that : light, shadows, where you want people to gather...etc.  This book has taught me so much, has encouraged me to take a real good like at my lifestyle, the things I surround myself with and how then can add or detract from the kind of life I am creating for myself. If you too are wanting to really and truly simplify your life, I cannot recommend this book enough! If you're local, I am happy to loan it out. :)

Later that evening, Jesse made a wonderful/flavorful dinner : Lemon Ginger Chicken, with sauteed vegetables and home made sweet & sour sauce over rice. To drink, we mixed Elderflower syrup with seltzer...one of my new favorites - & from Ikea. That meal was so good. I will share the recipe here soon...he is sleeping right now. :]


Vivi said...

I am really tempted to get this book! (all the books you recommend seem amazing, you are good!)
I love the idea of a keeping a little place journal. I have a making/idea journal, may need a new one soon ;-)
And I love how the sun light comes through your curtains, makes such a lovely pattern!

Julie said...

I am in love with your place and these pictures are a nice peek into that lovely world you have created. This book is now next on my list! I do see a gardens and good food as the ultimate luxury.

Shoko said...

Lovely photos! And your meal looks delicious :) Oh, and I answered the questions you posted today in the comments on my blog, but just in case - a quick note about the petals: make sure you use organic roses and superfine sugar! :)

ROXY MARJ said...

Vivi, you will eat this book up. So much great advice in there. I would love to see your making/idea journal..post about it sometime? :) That pattern is fun huh...I regret not buying more of that fabric..but it was so costly that I could only afford a 1/4 yard at the time...:/

Julie, you too will love this book!!
I can't wait till you and matt get a home just so I can hopefully see what kind of garden you two will have!!

Shoko, thank you. :) That meal was really delicious and the chicken really juicy [and I normally don't like chicken] thanks for the tip! I am definitely going to do it!

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