Feb 24, 2012

There is something really pleasant about a quiet evening at home. I can't get enough of them, especially in the winter. After more organizing and de-junking of our things, I sat down at my desk [with some ice cream] and started working on painting more prints.

The last little while I have been working & reworking a mini print collection that I plan on submitting to some fabric companies here shortly, as well as compiling them all into a little book [zine] to sell. 

All last night while I was painting I had been thinking about this book "The Simple Home" [that I recently got on Amazon for 1 penny.] and what I need to do to continue with achieving the feel talked about in the book. This book is really straightforward and not complex one bit. The pictures are ever so slightly dated, but the principles remain the same. "The Simple Home" is broken up into 7 chapters: 

1. In Search of the Simple Home  2. Simple is Enough  3. Simple is Flexible  4. Simple is Thrifty
5. Simple is Timeless  6. Simple is Sustainable  7. Simple is Resolved Complexity

I really admire those who have a natural knack for not wanting a whole lot. Everyday for the last year, this has been my goal: simplify, have & want less while maintaining a cozy and welcoming environment. I feel that by working hard on this goal, it will not only make me a better designer [less distractions/messes] but also a better mother. There is not a lot to clean when you have a simple home which means more time to spend with  loved ones. 

This page below says this: "the once "remuddled" house blooms again with restful wooden floors and plaster walls that catch the subtleties of light and shadow. This is a house of many textures, where nothing looks fake or feels manufactured." Light, shadow, & textures...natural elements that help create a cozy environment. :]

Aside from thinking about all the themes in that book,  my mind was also excited about the new drawings and "special" little fabric items I have made for my new shop [at bigcartel] that I will be stocking here shortly. I am really excited to share the new items, especially because I finally have business cards in the making right now [it been 8 years since I last had cards made] some "official" Roxy Marj stamps along with better packaging, note-cards to go with the packing and a couple other things. And I know I have given a couple "sneak peaks" of things in the last little while that didn't really come about, with the reason being...I took on way too many projects at once. But now all my time aside from work is dedicated to making...and it feels good. I am so happy. :)


Shoko said...

That first photo is so cozy. I agree with you - nights in at home can be so lovely!

ROXY MARJ said...

It really was...gosh, whoever comes up with bottling some cozy and making it for sell is going to be the biggest billionare! <- did not have that rhyme on purpose. :) lol

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