Feb 6, 2012

I wish I could have been alive when the Wiener Werstatte exsisted.

 One of my favorite artists who was part of that community is Dagobert Peche
I can't get enough of his textiles, wallpapers, furniture, sketches etc.


if you want to learn more about Peche, you can get this book about him over at amazon... a used one is starting only at $85! *sigh* :[

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Gretchen said...

The Devine family (particularly by dad) is obsessed with Wiener Werstatte! The last time we were in New York, we spent a big chuck of the day at the Neue Galerie. It is a cool place :)

ROXY MARJ said...

Love love loooove the Neue Galerie! And I love your comment Gretchen...I giggled when I read it... I especially like that your dad is obsessed with W.W.! So cute. :)

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