Oct 11, 2011

I now have an intern! WHOOOAAAA....really?! Ya, I do! 

You know my "Tilly" plates that I have in my shop right now? 

Well, that little character is named after my darling Friend Tilly [a.k.a Jenntille] who is now officially my intern. She hasn't "officially" started yet, I need to compile my Holiday "Make Me" list tomorrow for she and I to get started on.  I never thought I would have an intern...or at least right now, but it seems the opportunity has fallen right into my lap. Tilly actually approached me weeks ago about helping her with her end of the year interior design project for school.  Well since that began last week, she started joking about she was my intern and I her baby mama [?] :-[) lol...Well, if I am going to be someone's baby mama right now, then it definitely needs to be to someone who is so funny, darling, and truly endearing! Last night while I was helping her create a "mock" website for this project she cutely said to me that she says mini little prayers for me before coming over that I wouldn't get frustrated with her [? <- THAT WOULD NEVER HAPPEN!] and that we would have fun together.  No matter the work load with this lady, it is always the finest pleasure to be in her presence.  So last night while tucking myself into bed I thought "why don't I ask Tilly to intern for me?" So I did, she accepted...and I am nothing but excited.  

One of the things Tilly needed help with this past weekend was a "professional" portrait to go with her school project. So we set out for Liberty Park, with props in hand and I clicked away on my little camera.  Mind you, I am NOT a photographer. I do however consider myself a documenter.  The first two photos of Tilly below are without any photoshop work...the rest are, and the bottom was done by my husband. :) 

Anyways, I can't wait to tell you all my tales of Tilly. She is a hoot, if you couldn't tell from the photos.


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