Oct 7, 2011

Back when I was 17, I chopped my long hair off right after entering beauty school. Well then soon after I decided that I could just cut my own hair. Most of those short haircuts I did myself were down right ugly! And then on top of that I dyed my bangs hot pink! lol Obviously not some of my better days in hair styles. :-[) Well not long after moving to NY I was able to find an amazing stylist. Her name was Izumi and she spoiled me rotten! Her haircuts always took two hours, they always washed the hair TWICE before cutting and I always got a scalp massage...then years later she and husband moved to Singapore...I decided to then just let the hair grow.  Now I am in Utah and one would think that for all the beauty schools and hair salons there are here that it would be easy to find a great stylist, especially in Salt Lake...but for me, that has not been the case. I had received haircuts from Salon O, Landis Salon, and Studio Nine...all of which round brushed my crazy thick hair after I had SPECIFICALLY told them not to. Just doing that means you have automatically disqualified yourself from ever seeing me again. Seriously. Then, all three salons also booked someone an hour after me when I had asked them not too. Remeber, I have thick hair and the texture is a lot like horse hair,not making that up..... lastly, their receptionists were pretty rude...the Landis [Aveda Concept] Salon being the worst.  

I had been wanting to go really short again for sometime but have been righteously freaked out about getting it cut here in Utah because of my last 3 experiences... Haircuts can be downright traumatic! Anyways..so then 4 weeks ago I was having a mini meltdown and I started chopping at the back of my hair....Jesse "casually" freaked out...and then tried to help me cut it. It was no good..I messed it up...and cried. Waa waa <- ya, just like that. :) Well, Jesse googled salons here in Salt Lake and found Malstrom to be the best choice based off of their reviews...I asked if he would come with me this time to for some added intimidation. Which he gladly did. But I didn't end up needing to play the "intimidation" card there. My stylist Amber was soooo gracious and warm to me as well as the rest of the staff that I instantly felt comfortable and my guard quickly went away. Literally my tense shoulders loosened right up. I showed her a couple pictures of what I wanted and we talked for about 10 mins as to how she would create that look for me. I fell in love! The best part of all...after she was done, and Jesse saw it...I could tell by his reaction that he too was in love... :) It made me so happy inside and I really felt good about myself. I don't say that to get compliments on past haircuts...but you know what I mean..if YOU don't feel good about your hair, makeup, weight..whatever it might be...it does not matter what other people say to you..YOU have to believe it. And that day I did. Sound cheesy?  Well I don't know any other way to explain it. The husband/boyfriend expression does not lie. Jesse, is so sweet and the last 3 haircuts before this one I could tell he wasn't diggin it, even though his words were "you look cute...you really do" but this last time his words were different they were this: "OH MY GOSH I THIS IS MY MOST FAVORITE HAIRCUT!!!! And he hasn't stopped saying it. :) If you're in need of stylist....I highly recommend Amber! And below is the sideview.


And one more shout out! These recent photos above were from our friend Charlsie and Warner's wedding reception last night. Owners Berton & Lori Holt are by far one of THEE COOLEST COUPLES ever and are the owners of Strike a Pose Pix, photobooth company. Rent them for 4 hours at $500 and get unlimited photos. Your friends will go crazy over it...and it really is the best sort of entertainment one could have....aside from dancing of course! Jesse and I are so glad we hired Berton & Lori to be at our reception. The line was always at least 20 feet long...it was crazy! And when the photos print out, they come in duplicates...so one set for the friends and another for the couple [or whomever] to go in a book provided by Strike a Pose, where then your guests write a little message. Here are just some of the photos from our reception...over 8 months ago!!! Time flies when you're having fun! :-[)


Laura Lee said...

I do love your hair. You can pull off any hairstyle though. My friend Keisha works at Malstrom! She's awesome. I've been going there for years. I also like Matt and Mirabel at H2O at the Gateway

Your wedding reception was one of the most fun I've ever been to by the way :)

Jessica said...

LOVE YOUR HAIR!!! :) I'm not as brave as you quite yet! I love short hair, but it looks fabulous on you! I also love the picture of your dad. Uncle Gordon looks too funny! :)

Vivi said...

Super great haircut! That really suits you! So cool when you find 'the' hairdresser.
The photobooth is such a great idea, your wedding reception must have been the best and funniest. I'll definitely put photobooth on the list of things I wanna have for my reception when I get married one day

ALi said...

love the new haircut, super cute.

Sarah said...

Roxy! You look lovely! It has been so long since I've seen you even though we're living in the same state! Do you still have my number? I have yours but I'm not sure its correct. So call me and let's get together soon ok?

Sarah loves it all said...

Your hair looks awesome. I totally know how it is trying to find someone to perform a GOOD short haircut. I'm thinking as soon as I can lose this baby weight I'll cut mine again. :) Love that cut, and you my dear are so talented and unique. I'm obsessed with your blog now!

ROXY MARJ said...

Thanks Laura! Ah, you go to Malstrom! I should have known, your tresses always look fabulous! :)

Thanks Jessica. :) One does not need to be brave when having short hair...they also don't need a brush! lol

Thanks Vivi! Don't you just love the photobooth? I would buy a ticket to your wedding for sure just to go int the photobooth. p.s. YOUR PACKAGE CAME. Oh my goodness...soo soo lovely. xo oh vivi I adore you! :)

Thanks Ali. :)

Sarah! We need to get together! Jesse and I put an offer on a house in Bountiful...aren't you from centerville? :-[) xo miss you!

Thanks "Sarah loves it all" <- do you really love it all? oh my gosh, like, what about cleaning bathrooms and tangled hair? Really, all of it? :) jay kay...jay kay!

Vivi said...

Yay it came!! I'm glad it got there in one piece and quite quickly! Hope it was all to your taste ;-)

Haha, don't worry, you will get a ticket to come to my wedding (need to find the husband first!) and I'll make you in charge of the photobooth hehe

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